Then: “Actors joining politics, a disaster”, Now: “I will be contesting in the coming parliament elections ” Prakash Raj’s seasonal statements!

It was on November 13th 2017, in a Press Club of Bengaluru, Prakash Raj had made a statement saying that actors getting into politics will be disaster to the country.

He had said, “I do not subscribe to the idea of actors Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Pawan Kalyan and Upendra launching political outfits just because they are actors though I am a fan of all these stars.” actors should not enter politics only because they are popular. “It is a disaster. They should come up with a clear focus on issues facing the country and win the trust of the people. And we should not vote as fans. But as responsible citizens.”

He had further said, “I won’t vote for them just because they are actors. When an actor ventures into politics, I want to know, what is his manifesto, how would he understand problems being faced by people like me.” 

The same man who gave big lectures that he was not interested in politics and his sudden love for liberalism was only because he was enraged with Gauri Lankesh killing seems like a gimmick he used to enter politics to favour his political masters.

Prakash Raj, has now taken a complete U turn about his decision not to join politics and said that he will be contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Raj who wished people on New Year on Twitter went to say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE..a new beginning .. more responsibility.. with UR support I will be contesting in the coming parliament elections as an INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. Details of the constituency soon. Ab ki baar Janatha ki SARKAR #citizensvoice #justasking in parliament too..,”

This is a live example of hypocrisy, double speak and the hidden agenda of the so called liberals who jump into public life with the fake narrative of intolerance, democracy in danger and then make their way into politics.

One year back, for the very first time, Prakash Raj was questioned for his sudden hyper interest in politics, given his ignorant attitude towards societal and public concerns all these years, he had vaguely said he feels country was in danger and his voice should reach to the politicians. he who said he will only make the government answer and not join politics, is now all set to join politics for merriment.

A man who did not care about the country, or state or the people of Karnataka now wants claims he wants to take responsibility with the blessings of the people. Prakash Raj has played the same old card just as Arvind kejriwal, Kanhaiya Kumar or anyother so called activists who first enter into public life pretending to fight for people and claim they hate politics, they hate power, they never dreampt of holding positions and then become over night stars. Once they see the taste of popularity, these people will be in the forefront to join politics only to fail miserably having no ideology or even slightest intention to work for people.

They make money for 4-5 years in the peak of their popularity and vanish without having to be give accountability to anyone. This is the fate of all  so called activists who emerge from no where.

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