Then it was fake Coffin scam, now it is fake Rafale scam, a gimmick to win elections?!

The Congress has always been on the front foot to prove the Modi government or any BJP government corrupt. They would go to any extent to malign the BJP government just to occupy the power. While the entire Congress has been immersed in corruption, they want to give judgement to others.

During the Atl Bihari Vajpayee government, the Congress was hell bent in proving him corrupt. But the extreme popularity and clean hands of Vajpayee made them malign him with a fake charge of Coffin Scam. The fake coffin scam was racked up after the Kargil war between India and Pakistan. The Congress which was morally degraded with the way BJP government handled the situation wanted some issue to malign Vajpayee government and they started a fake propaganda of Coffin Scam. Both the Congress and communist party raised the issue claimed that the vajpayee government ha incurred heavy losses to the exchequer by ordering the coffins from a US based company paying 13 times extra cost than the usual. They alleged that 500 caskets were purchased from Buitron and Baiza, a company based in United States Of America rendering funeral services paying $2500 each.

The case was filed and the CBI investigated the case against three Indian Army officers in August 2009, however in December 2013, a special CBI court found no evidence and hence discharged all the accused and declared that there was no scam in purchasing Coffins.

But this was exploited to the core by the Congress during 2004 and 2009 elections and claimed that the BJP government was involved in corruption.

In the same way, the Congress racked up the Rafale deal just a year before the 3 states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesha and Chattisgrah were going for elections. Although they knew there was no scam, they simply kept making vague allegation claiming Modi had favoured Ambani over HAL. Rahul Gandhi claimed that they had discussed the deal for $12 billion (Rs 42,000 crore) and 18 aircrafts were going to be delivered in flyaway condition and another 108 flights were to be made in HAL. They alleged that in 2016, Modi government cancelled this deal and agreed to pay $8.7 billion (over Rs 56,000 crore).

But the Congress here conveniently spread fake news that they had made a deal with Dassault for Rs 42,000 for 126 Aircraft. But in reality, the deal was never done and the Dassault company had never agreed to this deal. If you analyze closely, you will rather get to know the deal made by Congress was much more expensive, as it had agreed to only 18 aircrafts in flyaway condition and another 108 would still had to be manufactured in India by HAL without the help of Dassault company. The Congress had falsely claimed that there would be transfer of technology, but the documents suggest that no such proposal was made by Congress government and the original equipment manufacturing responsibility was on HAL. So this was exactly why the Dassault company had rejected the deal proposed by Congress government.

So, the Congress government was ready to pay Rs 42,000 crore just for 18 aircrafts in flyway condition and agreed to spend extra money on manufacturing 108 aircrafts in HAL without Technology Transfer to again loot money in that project. Another important thing to be noted is, the Congress government had never made agreements on weapons package, logistic support or supplies for aircraft and up-gradation.

But the current Rafale jets procured by Modi government has the latest technologies which includes lethal weapons package, performance-based logistical support, 13 India-specific capabilities, associated supplies and the works. According to Air Marshal (Retd) Bejoy Pandey, former air officer commanding-in-chief of Training Command, the Congress claiming Rs 42,000 crore for 126 Aircrafts was very illogical as it did not include the specifications like product support, weapon systems, state-of-the-art avionics, upgrades, and training which were presented by the IAF themselves. (As reported by The Quint).

Despite having all information, the Congress made their men go file PIL just before elections in Supreme Court and thus create confusion in people’s mind. They efficiently used this to blame Modi in elections and won in all 3 states.

But now the Supreme Court has dismissed all petitions and rejected the allegations on corruptions. This is the master plan of Congress everytime during any elections.

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