These people take Hindus for granted, mock them, insult them but we foolishly help them make millions!

Not many people have the spine like Sonu Nigam or Virendra Sehwag or even Gautam Gambhir to take directly on the pseudo secular mafia of the country. The easiest route most of the them chose is to insult majority and claim themselves to be liberal or neutral.

In India, it easier to taunt Hindus and become famous than to speak against brazen attitude of pseudo liberals and seculars. You mock Hindus, you instantly become a cool tolerant liberal bu if you speak supporting Hindus you are called a narrow minded medieval Sanghi!

This is the same route the Co-founder of the Make My trip app used to get himself in the lime light of the media. Keyar Joshi, the co founder and the chief operating officer of the popular App Make My Trip made a very controversial statement yesterday on cow slaughter.

Keyar Joshi said in his tweet, that he doesn’t want to be a Hindu if the religion takes away his right to eat. He also said he was strong supporter of PM Modi and been a vegetarian, but now just to oppose beef ban, he we will start eating beef.

Now it is a fashion for some people to call themselves Modi supporters because because of his popularity and later use it as a tool to spread hatred. This man says he doesn’t wants to be Hindu if Hinduism restricts others food habit. He should first explain whether he has really read the government’s new Rules on prevention of cruelty to Animals 2017. Because the order doesn’t mention a word on beef ban but rather talks on regulation that needs to be followed when selling a cow.


So, it is clear that Keyur Joshi never read the document but wanted to create a drama to hurt the sentiments of Hindus. If a person who has been a vegetarian all his life can eat beef in a day just for political reasons, we can imagine how fake his argument is. Eating non-veg for a person whose has been a vegetarian is not easy and it isn’t like eating cheese. Either he has completely lied that he is a vegetarian or he made a gimmick of the situation.

Whatever it may be, the core issue is, he has deliberatly hurt the sentiments of Millions of Indians who believe in worshiping cow. Did he dare to condemn the brutal killing of an innocent calf on the streets of Kerala? Did he speak on the issue where non Muslim students were made to fast forcibly in Aligarh Muslim University? Obviously NO! We know what happens when people speak against this community!

So it is easy to speak against Hindus, easy to mock and insult them since Hindus do not oppose you, they tolerate any amount of abuse, any amount of bashing and still help you make millions.

As these people only understand the language of money, many people on social media decided to boycott Make My Trip app and uninstalled it. This gave a massive blow to the company which made Keyur Joshi apologize to people. This so called brave man even deleted his Twitter account after he faced massive uproar against insensitive attitude.

But the brazen and granted attitude of these people is because Hindus have remained silent on attacks on them. When we do not have respect for our own country and culture it is obvious that outsiders will start mocking us. And this is been happening since centuries, since the time British and other westerners entered our country and brain washed us to hate our own culture. And we foolishly believed everything westerners told and continue to follow them. Without understanding the core scientific values of our culture, we disbelieved them and called them nonsense. This is the reason today we are made to look strangers in our own land.

Aishwarya S