This actor from the Bollywood film “DHOOM” tried to mock BJP, RSS and the Karnataka governor! But the Indians ripped him apart for his nonsense statement

India is really a unique nation filled with peculiar characters and this has been proved every often. Nowadays, it has become a trend to target each and every human being, if they say anything that is against the interest of Congress party or whichever organisation that is associated with it.

After the counting of Karnataka elections, there were claims that BJP would be invited by the Karnataka governor to form a government. This news was enough for the Modi-haters to target the Karnataka governor. As expected, even the Bollywood tried its hand but got burnt bitterly. The actor of the film “Dhoom” tried to mock RSS, BJP and the Karnataka governor with his nonsense tweet but the Indians ripped him apart.

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Actor Uday Chopra had tweeted yesterday, after the high drama in Karnataka had begun, by saying “I just googled the governor of Karnataka. BJP guy and RSS, hmmm I guess we all know what’s gonna happen”.

A Twitterati slammed Uday Chopra by saying “As per the Indian Law the party which gets maximum seats is invited first to claim for making government. I believe rather then comments you need to read and learn first”.

But Uday Chopra tried to make a comeback by saying “That’s not what happened in Goa and Manipur. I watch the news just like you”.

At that point of time, another Indian ripped apart Uday Chopra by saying “all governors are ex-politician’s only. Mr Pranav Mukherjee was the President of India and was even the ex-finance minister of UPA govt as well”.

A popular parody account of twitter mocked Uday Chopra for his statement by saying he is Rahul Gandhi of Bollywood!

  • “Rahul Gandhi Of Bollywood Is Standing In Solidarity With Rahul Gandhi Of Politics To Provide Him Some Moral Support. So Cute, Uday Chopra”.

What is even more disgusting is that few reports started to emerge on media saying Mr Vala is an RSS Man. “Karnataka governor Vajubhai R Vala, 79, an old BJP warhorse, has spent close to six decades in public life, holding key portfolios like finance minister of Gujarat and Speaker of its Assembly. But nothing that he’s done before, including presenting the Gujarat budget a record 18 times, will be as important as what he will do over the next few days” said the Times of India.

Now the thing is how does it matter? Almost all the prominent positions are held by individuals who were once associated with a political party. Prime Minister, President, governors, Chief Ministers, almost all will have a political background.

Few ask how BJP formed a government in Goa even though it was a not a single biggest party. For them, here is an answer. Kindly go through the below tweet,

  • The only difference is the largest party is “not” called by the Governor the party need to go and stake it’s claim which is exactly Congress didn’t do in Goa or Manipur. They were caught sleeping. They were thrashed by High court for not staking claim.

So, it is not right to target the governor when the Congress and the allies are in the back-foot.

Hansika Raj