This female journalist who always hated PM Modi to the core has hit new low! This time she mocked PM Modi’s age and got a taste of her own medicine

They tried everything.. literally EVERYTHING!! Broke laws, misused government officials attempted forgery, lied, threatened, bribed.. everything!! But still could not gain more votes than BJP, though manage to call themselves as democracy saviours. They might have won today, but loyalty and trust has defeated them!! This is a victory purely for the Dynasty party and not for Karnataka, not for India!!! Democracy wins!!

Now here’s a lady to add more drama to the present one. Journalist Saba Naqvi has crossed all limits with her comments at PM Modi. Well, however she has been replied with what she deserved, the Twitterati have answered her back quite well.

Frankly speaking people like you, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt and many others who belong to your category shouldn’t talk about dignity. A virtue that you lack and only use for scoring brownie points. You people have a sought of disorder of not seeing positivity in and around. It is just hatred that you know to spread with your sold media.

Do you have the same view about the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who was 70 years old when he accidentally became a mute and puppet Prime Minister? Why was there no comments made when he ruled with ultimate silence and did absolutely nothing for the nation?

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@_sabanaqvi just accused Antonio manio of being desperate to grab power. This is real journalism.

More power to you saba

If this lady has forgotten, then let me remind it once again. This 75 years old by the way is a leader who won 104 seats in an assembly of 222 and this pathetic old man has 64 more seats than your paymaster who is self-proclaimed CM of Karnataka with the support of your Royal family.

What about the desperation of a man whose party could garner just 19% vote share joining hands with a defeated, crooked national party to become the CM? I suppose he is being extremely selfish and not thinking for the welfare of the people of Karnataka.

What about the desperation of a 49-year-old youth who despite losing the election is looking to hold on to a state through the back door? You have comments to be made on that? Your children and grandchildren will be ashamed of you for your bias. Is it money that drives you ?

He is better than a 47-year-old Congress President who brought his own party to doom in sooner than expected time by his nonsense talks. He who is desperate to grab power along with the party which was once its staunch enemy.

And wait, how old is Sonia Gandhi? Did she not send her Congress leaders to Bangalore to try and garner support from JDS? Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie, Sharad Pawar? Are they not of the same age as BS Yeddyurappa? Why just mock one? Be neutral if indeed you are a sincere journalist.

Suddenly EVM’s are perfect now? Judiciary is independent, ‘but they got only 31% vote share in 2014’ propaganda wale liberals are happy with a CM whose party lost deposit in 116/222 seats. Why not democracy is fit and perfect now!! Rahul Gandhi has no moral right to claim victory in Karnataka. Those who have seen the drama unfold would agree that DK Shivakumar is the man Congress should bet on. Acts as a cool cucumber but has things under control politically.