This former Chief Minister who had turned his state into a safe haven to the terrorists, is now mocking Hindus over the defeat of UP bypolls

BJP losing UP by-elections no big deal may well be a blessing in disguise. But Samajwadi Party leaders bragging about this being a “victory of social justice” is both tragic and laughable. Samajwadi Party raj was goonda raj! And yet seculars are rejoicing on it.

BJP is presently ruling majority of the states in the country. And it is just the South where the Congress is left to rule until the upcoming Karnataka elections 2018. Congress is believed to be thrown out from there soon.

The National Conference working president Omar Abdullah described the bypoll results as “people’s promise of a better future after 2019.” “Congratulations to Akhilesh Yadav and Mayavathi for the stupendous performance in Gorakhpur and Phulpur. Thank you for giving people the promise of a better future,” said Mr. Abdullah. In a tweet packed with sarcasm for the BJP, Mr. Abdullah wrote: “Dear friends in the BJP, thank you for your hard work and continuing efforts to prove me wrong. I’m truly grateful. Sincerely, your friendly opposition guy.”

Anyone in the BJP checking the vastu/feng shui of their new HQ?

BJP claimed Omar Abdullah’s rule had witnessed a revival of the cross-border firing along the Line of Control and International border in 2010 after remaining peaceful for eight years.

The Jammu and Kashmir BJP had slammed the State’s former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah for attacking the party, saying his “boasting” of Article 35A of the Constitution did not match his party’s position on various issues, including AFSPA and greater autonomy, when in power.

BJP State Spokesperson Virender Gupta’s remarks came in response to Mr. Abdullah’s statement that National Conference would not have allowed any attacks on Article 35A and that the BJP-led government would not have dared to talk about this provision or the Article 370 had his party been in power in the State.

He said the concerned people who are being discriminated and whose fundamental rights are being snatched because of the unconstitutional provision of Article 35A had gone to the Supreme Court for justice and revoking of Article 35A, which does not have the sanction of the Indian Parliament.Mr. Gupta said the dialogue with separatists and Pakistan did not take place during Mr. Abdullah’s rule. He also said that Mr. Abdullah’s rule had witnessed a revival of the cross-border firing along the Line of Control and International border in 2010 after remaining peaceful for eight years, following ceasefire agreement during former Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee-led NDA government at the Centre.

Mr. Gupta said the borders, which remained peaceful for about eight years after the BJP government-led by Vajpayee, was disturbed and cross-border firing began, particularly after 2010.

During Omar’s tenure as Minister of State in the Vajpayee’s government and the time when his father Farooq Abdullah was heading the government, the Autonomy resolution passed by the state Legislature was put into the dustbin and no cognizance of the resolution was taken by the Government of India. Then Omar continued to remain in the government at the Centre without any protest because of the lust for power.

Just a by-poll defeat sir. Just that. Keep emotions in check. You might need them to cry over EVM’s soon. The entire vaastu of Jammu Kashmir will change after 2019 mark this and pinned also.

Dear ex CM, PM is still from BJP and CM of up also from BJP and BJP formed government in three states after entering in new home. Don’t be too much excited it was just bypolls for 3 seats. Bjp is still ruling in 21 states. No one could have dreamed ever earlier. Wait n watch.

Congress Leaders celebrating SP Victory in UP By Polls It’s like celebrating your wife’s pregnancy, in spite of knowing u were not the reason behind it

Instead of asking BJP to check vastu Shashtra you should have first thanked Rahul Gandhi for keeping himself away from doing rallies in Uttar Pradesh.

The more communal forces will taunt ideological supporters of BJP and celebrate this by-poll victory, the more it will irritate and provoke the Hindu voters to come out and vote. But surely, Amit Shah need to introspect the hidden loopholes before 2019.

I am sure that those 1,04,651 voters who had voted for Yogi Ji last time but missed to vote this time would be feeling more irritated than any of us and none of them will miss to execute their vote power in 2019. This is why BJP votes boost up after every by-poll failure.

Not a Single BJP supporter blamed EVM for UPByPolls losses. That’s the difference…

Source: thehindu.com