This IITian praised PM Modi’s ‘Garland’ and you won’t believe what the Prime Minister did next!

Earlier it was very difficult for a common man to reach out to celebrities, leaders and high profile personalities. To reach out to the Prime Minister of the country has always been a distant dream. But after Modi Government came into power the far distant dream started to turn into reality. The leaders themselves started to reach out to common people by going in between them.

In addition to this, the trend of digital media started to increase after that and it become accessible for a common man to reach out to anyone and express their opinions over any matter. This power of social media cannot be neglected at all as it is the strong voice of people. With the platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it has become easy for fans and followers to follow the leader of their choice and vice versa

This time the social media has once again reflected its power of hearing the common voices of the nation and the voice heard is of common citizen Rabesh Kumar Singh and the voice is heard by none other than our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rabesh Kumar Singh is a mechanical engineering student of IIT, Dhanbad

Actually during the Panchayati Raj Day on 24th April when Prime Minister was addressing the Panchayats across India one of his ardent fan who was listening to him and looking at him keenly liked the garland he was wearing. After that fan took social media to convey his feelings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He wrote on twitter ” Namaste PrdhanMantri Modi Ji, I was listening your speech on Panchayti Raj Day. Your speech comprises beautiful explanation of everything. But one thing that I want to say you is I really liked the gold coloured garland that you was wearing around your neck. If possible can I get this garland”?

Then after that what happened should not be shocking to anyone as our Pradhan Sewak has always committed and dedicated himself for serving the nation. He has always taken care that every voice of the nation be heard. PM Modi has not only listened to the voice of his follower but also acted on it. He gifted the garland to Rabesh Kumar Singh and fufilled his wish of getting that gold coloured garland. Prime Minister also sent a letter to him along with the gift wishing him good luck and giving blessing for his future.

After receiving the letter and gift Rabesh Kumar Singh was very happy and expressed his happiness on Twitter and thanked PM Narendra Modi for the gift. He wrote ” After receiving the gift and affectionate letter from you I am overwhelmed with happiness. I really want to thank you Prime Minister for this gift and a good luck message. Thank you very much # Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji @narendramodi @PMOIndia. I wish that your love and affection for common people like me should reach like this to everyone”.

PM Narendra Modi by his warm gesture has once again shown how he pays attention to the wishes and needs of the people of his nation. Nothing is more important to him than the people of his nation. Day and night he live his life for serving the nation and the nation demands and needs from smallest to largest is his only prime concern.