This is how Indian Website “The Quint” is helping Pakistan to hang Kulbhushan Jadhav

Around 2 decades back, people of the country believed that media was one of the backbone of a healthy democracy which exposed truth and kept politicians under constant check. But as years passed, few greedy elite journalists turned pawns in hands of politicians defending them of corruption and every illegal activity. They made money, earned favours in the form of Bungalows in the heart of Delhi, foreign tours, awards, VIP status and what not!

Now in 2018, the journalism is almost dead in India and what remains is a bunch of termites wearing journalists tag to escape themselves from law. It’s unfortunate that journalists and the so called media houses have gone to the extent of selling their country to an enemy nation in a bid to serve their political masters.

Looks like The Quint has chosen the same path to please their masters in Pakistan. Yesterday, the website made a devastating article on Kulbushan Jadhav, the former Indian Navy officer who was abducted by Pakistani ISI 2 years back with a fake charge of spying. Pakistan claimed that Kulbushan was arrested in the Balochistan border in a counter terrorism operation. They claimed he was involved in spying and terror activities in Pakistan on the behest of RAW (Research and analysis Wing), the Indian intelligence agency.

Without providing proof for the claims, without providing counsellor access, the Pakistanis tried him in a military court and declared death sentence on April 10th 2017. But the Pakistan lies were exposed within days after an Ex-ISI officer General Amjad Shoaib revealed that Kulbushan Jadhav was not arrested in Baloch border but was abducted in Iran by Pakistan ISI. This was the same stance India was arguing since one year.
The Pakistan which is desperate to cause trouble, deliberately abducted Kulbushan, tortured him and sentenced him to death. While the entire country is trying to expose Pakistan’s lies on Kulbushan Jadhav and bring him back safe, here is a media which is assisting Pakistan to prove Kulbushan Jadhav as a spy.

The Quint made an article backing the Pakistan’s stand on Kulbushan calling him a “Sub-Standard Spy” working for the Indian RAW. They have called the entire abduction scenario a TAMASHA (fun) and claimed that the information about Kulbushan being a spy was revealed by few serving and retired RAW officers.

The article goes on to say that among 2 RAW officers, one of whom was working as the secretary in the external internal agency said that the proposal to recruit Jadhav for operations was worthless and ridiculous. The article says that RAW officers said that Jadhav was not a High grade operative with skills required for an agency.

The author Chandan Nandy makes bizarre claims that the decision to hire Jadhav was taken by Chief of the Indian Intelligence as a part Deep Penetration operation in areas in Pakistan. The author goes to provide baseless proof that Jadhav was recruited on a temporary basis by deputy secretary of the bench handling the Iran and Afghanisthan and his nature of work as spy was confirms after Pakistan abducted Jadhav.

According to Quint, the biggest evidence for them to prove Jadhav was spy is that he travelled many times to Iran on Business visa and his parents were asked not to talk to media or anyone about his work. Other evidence the article claims is, Jadhav carried a passport in which his name was Hussein Mubarak and hence suggests that he can be called a spy. But these people forget that when Jadhav was arrested, he had his original passport in which his name was Kulbushan Jadhav and had clearly mentioned he was Ex-Navy officer.

Any sensible person would know that no SPY would carry an original passport declaring that he was as ex-navy officer. Time and again the Indian government and the RAW agency has declared that Kulbushan Jadhav was no spy and had nothing to do with Indian intelligence.
The article gives another instance saying that his identity was revealed when he was caught in the Sarvan border while he was trying to enter Pakistan. A Baloch leader called Sarfaraz Bugti testified himself to be the eyewitness for this incident. This man Sarfaraz Bugti is none other than the Home minister of Balochistan which is completely under the control of Pakistan.

But shocks me is that the Quint as considered Pakistan’s words as BIBLE and gospel truth!

Shamelessly, the Quint says that Jadhav was spotted by another RAW agent in Iran and this information was subsequently shared in the agency’s headquarters. The author claims that serving RAW officers revealed that Jadhav was going on frequent assignments and briefed about his operation every time he was back in India. He was even given 3 months training on how to pass secret information.

The author makes shameful attack saying that Jadhav was caught because he was unprofessional and not a regular career spy. The article gives credit to Pakistan ISI saying they intercepted the communication between Jadhav and RAW agency and traced his location.
The author calls Jadhav, unprofessional, not good and a failure. Apparently, it is said that RAW offices revealed that the agency has many flaws and undeclared policies. Reportedly the RAW offices said that Jadhav was unfit for the job and a Pakistani or an Afghanistani should have been hired for this operation and it was foolish to set an Indian to obtain intelligence in a country as hostile as Pakistan.

In simple terms the author implies that RAW is an inefficient agency and foolish to hire Jadhav while the Pakistan’s ISI is far more efficient than Indian Intelligence.

They mention some nameless sources said that immediately after Jadhav was caught by Pakistanis, his payments records were destroyed and leaving no trace to link him with RAW agency.

This article not just shocked me, but terrified me as to how can an Indian media publish an article which jeopardised not just Kulbushan Jadhav’s life but the National security protocols of the country. What sort of irresponsible fools can one be to spread a malicious, pre motivated article betraying the country and supporting an enemy state. Just minutes after this article was published, the Pakistanis were active enough to taunt India.

The entire article says that the SERVING RAW officials revealed the Standard Operating Procedures of RAW officers which is the violation of the Indian Secret Act 1923. No working officer is allowed to speak to the any media regarding the agency secrets or National security protocols. It seriously raises questions whether the entire article was cooked up to feed the enemies and show India in bad light! The article has indeed implied that the incarceration of Kulbushan have lot of benefits. The question is what benefits and whose benefits are they talking about?! Are they indirectly celebrating the death sentence of Kulbushan Jadhav??

This is very predictable as The Quint is well known for their open support to Pakistan and Azadi gang many times before. Not to forget this was the same media which secretly made a sting video of an Army jawan which abetted him to commit suicide.

The country needs to know who are the anonymous sources which Quint claims to have gotten information from? It makes me firmly believe that this article was written on the behest of Pakistan’s interest and provide it as a proof during the ICJ hearing of kulbushan’s case.
The RAW agency and the Indian government should not let the issue die as it a grave misuse of power and position by journalists jeopardizing the life of Kulbushan Jadhav.

The Quint needs to be booked immediately and a complete investigation must be conducted to know who are the mentioned SOURCES!

Aishwarya S