This is How Pakistani News Channels and Twitter Handles Spreading Lies About Indo-China War

The stand-off between India and China continues, and doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. A few physical scuffles between the soldiers of the two nations have been reported along with a lot of unnecessary sabre-rattling on the Chinese side, but no shots have been fired on the border.

As tensions continue, there is one nation which is doing its best to rake up a conflict between India and China. No prizes for guessing who the nation is; it’s Pakistan. A master of false propaganda and an epitome of cowardice, Pakistan is trying to incite violence between the two neighbours by spreading false news.

A Pakistani news channel, Dunya News, claimed that 158 Indian soldiers were killed in Chinese firing on the border in Sikkim. It said that China fired rockets that lead to such massive casualties on the Indian side. It even tweeted the same from its official Twitter handle, but had to later delete the tweet. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet –

Not only this, but even a few handles (whether genuine or not can’t be ascertained) tweeted about the same. Here’s one of them –

India quashed this news vociferously. MEA spokesperson Gopal Baglay said, “Such reports are utterly baseless, malicious and mischievous.”

Not only this but even China’s official media completely denied the news. It has said that such fake news should not be taken seriously. People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of Chinese Communist Party, said that the Chinese embassy in India had noticed the report and has denounced its authenticity. The Global Times also published a report saying that the Pakistani media report is ‘groundless and fake.’

One can understand why Pakistan is doing this. Pakistan knows if it enters into a conventional war with India then the outcome for it will be worse than that of any of the previous wars that the two have fought as it is no match to India’s military superiority.

But, if China and India go to war, then Pakistan can and will most probably open up a second front against India as that will be the only chance for Pakistan to trouble India militarily.

This is why Pakistan is doing its best to somehow spark a military conflict between the two Asian heavyweights. One can also notice how Pakistan has stepped up terrorist infiltration and ceasefire violations during this stand-off on the border as it sees this as chance to pressurize India while it also deals with China on the Eastern border.

But Pakistan must understand this – India is one of the best military’s in the world not because of numbers or technology, but because of the undying love that the soldiers have for the country. This is the reason why we defeated Pakistan in 1965 even when Pakistan enjoyed technological superiority, and in 1999 when Pakistan had the advantage of the first move. The patriotism of our soldiers is unparalleled, and the quicker our enemies recognize this the better for them.

Vinayak Jain