This is how the Karnataka election might put a full stop to the relationship between SP and BSP!

The Karnataka election is an important “Tool” to almost all the political parties in India. In case Congress loses this election, then there’s nothing to be surprised if the Congress party workers revolt against their president Rahul Gandhi.

  • If the “naamdhar” Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party loses, then it will be a huge boost to the BJP for the 2019 Lok Sabha election and set the narrative for a “Congress-Mukt Bharat”.
  • But if in case BJP fails to form a government, which is almost impossible, then the Congress and it pseudo secular-media will highlight this in the upcoming assembly elections of Rajasthan, and few others states. BJP’s defeat in Karnataka will be a tonic for the Congress and it will definitely project Rahul Gandhi as a man who defeated the Modi wave.

What will happen if there is a hung assembly? Why this will sever ties between SP and BSP?

The Times of India has made an interesting observation. It has said that tomorrow (15th May, counting date of Karnataka elections) could be the last day for the relationship between the SP and BSP. If in case there occurs a situation of a hung assembly in Karnataka, then there is high chance that BJP would join hands with the JD (S) party.

  • You might ask why this will sever the relationship between SP and BSP. In Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav’s Samjawadi party (SP) had joined hands with Mayawati’s BSP in the recent bypolls. It should also be noted that Mayawati’s BSP had joined hands with former PM Devegowda’s JD (S) in the Karnataka election.
  • Now, the speculation is high that BJP would join hands with the JD (S) party if in case there is a situation of hung assembly. But JD (S)’s joining hands with BJP is not a good symbol for the BSP because this might anger its ally BSP in Uttar Pradesh.
  • But a senior SP leader trusted Mayawati and said “UP is the home turf of BSP and the party’s presence in the state is no match to what it can hope to gain politically as an alliance partner with JD(S) in Karnataka”.

In past few years since Modi government came to power, Mayawati had stopped making aggressive statements against PM Modi. She had even praised PM Modi in the Rajya Sabha once, saying “If your government is fully confident that bringing the GST bill is in the interest of the nation, it will bring a change in the economy and give a boost to it, the BSP will definitely back it. Our party supports the bill in Parliament”.

Mayawati had even slammed Congress president Rahul Gandhi by saying “When the discussion was going on in the Lok Sabha on the matter, Rahul was sleeping, so you can understand his attitude towards the issue and see how serious he is towards atrocities on Dalits”. She added, “When I raised this issue two days ago in the Rajya Sabha the Congress paid no heed to it. My party charged right into the well but the congress stayed put. Yesterday also in the Lok Sabha the Congress party did not raise this issue. It’s only when they thought that the matter was quickly gaining traction, then they kicked into action”, in the year 2016.

Is there a chance for a hung assembly in Karnataka?

  • All the exit polls have said that BJP will emerge as a single largest political party in Karnataka.
  • It was predicted that BJP would secure around 85-90 seats before PM Modi’s arrival into Karnataka.
  • Now it is said that PM Modi has succeeded in increasing BJP’s seat share by 25-30 seats.

Hansika Raj