This is just a trailer, Picture Abhi Baaki Hai! Feared by the actions of Modi Govt, Pakistan is in full panic mode

After the continuous hard actions taken by India along with other nations, Pakistan is completely in panic mode. Although it is trying to show that nothing is effecting India and it is in fact warning India for the consequences but the reality is Pakistan is completely shaken

And there is not one evidence to support my claims but too many.It has come in front that the people of Pakistan are even feeling that India has launched a war against it and explosions are happening out.But the reality is what the Pakistani citizens assumed to be explosions was actual a sonic boom even as two PAF aircrafts broke the sound barrier. It caused a loud bang on the ground and Pakistanis panicked as they felt the war has started.

According to some reports, the Pakistan is living in such a state of fear that it has mistakenly shot its own aircraft. It is said that yesterday’s evening; a Pakistan Army aircraft was hovering above the LOC (Line Of Control) to keep a track on the movements by Indian Army. But the Pakistan army mistook it for an Indian Airforce aircraft and shot it down. The news became viral despite various efforts by Pakistan to hide it.

Also, the orders have been passed in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir ( POK) not to travel in large groups and to stay away from the Line of Control. The Pakistani administration has also asked the people living near the Line of Control to vacate their houses. It has asked people to stay in underground bunkers, which could protect them from shelling or any form of attacks which could come from the other side of the border.

Apart from this, Pakistani troops are using flares to light up the night sky, fire indiscriminately into prominent LoC features (such as the crevasses that line it) intermittently all through the night to ensure that we (India) troops aren’t lurking around

Intercepted radio chatter between Pakistani positions indicates that the country has cancelled leaves of its officers and troops, Indian army officials said. The intercepts also indicate that Pakistani officers have been threatened with dire consequences by their superior officers, if they fail to detect incoming Indian troops.

Till now the steps taken by PM Modi is just the trailer. Something big is going to happen very soon. Pakistan will soon face the wrath of the henious acts done by it.

Source : ABPLive

Hindustan Times