This is not Gandhi’s Bharat, Its Modi’s Bharat…Dont Expect Soft Stand on Pakistan!

When J & K”™s independent lawmaker Engineer Abdul Rashid was attacked some months ago, with black ink by unidentified men in Delhi, he said, “India is not anymore the India of Gandhi but it is now Modi”™s India.” He is one of the many who tried to instigate Nationalists through their words and actions; in his case he hoisted a beef party.

Now another person, a politician on a TV show, has gone on to say this very statement, in Pakistan. But this time it is not a taunt, it is FEAR which has made him say so. Today Modi”™s name is taken with respect in Pakistani Media, and for the first time since Indira Gandhi”™s rule, they are afraid of India”™s might.

Till recently Pakistan kept harboring desire to break India into many pieces ““ Kashmir, Punjab, Hyderabad. But now, the tables have turned and it is time for Pakistan to be broken into many pieces ““ Balochistan, Sindh separately and occupied Kashmir wanting to be a part of India.

When Narendra Modi went on a massive PR exercise and visited most of the countries in the world, detractors kept insisting that he was indulging in wastage of public money. But Narendra Modi was like a duck in the water ““ calm on the outside and paddling furiously beneath the water. Today India is reaping the fruits of his PR exercise. Pakistan is isolated in the world. Neither USA nor Russia want to touch them with the end of a bargepole and China too is having second thoughts. There is not one neighbour of Pakistan who is maintaining good relations with them.

Narendra Modi, along with his team and some people in the media, first worked on boosting the image of the Military in India and restored awe and pride in our Soldiers. He gained their valuable support by doing so. He made sure that all the countries neighbouring Pakistan, like Afghanistan, Iran and countries of erstwhile USSR, bore goodwill for India. He also made an honest attempt to be friendly with Pakistan; he met Nawaz Sharif repeatedly and also invited Pakistan to visit Pathankot, the place which bore the brunt of a terrorist attack. In the meantime, Modi managed to strengthen India”™s friendship with Saudi Arabia. If all this was not enough, he made sure that the strongest ally of Pakistan ““ USA, became friends with India and this government, through its diplomatic network made sure that business relations cemented this friendship. Another master stroke was seeing to it that China, which is a strong supporter of Pakistan, became less respected because of its own policies w.r.t. the South Seas. Modi has taken a positive step forward in building relations with Vietnam, Japan and Thailand, among other Asian countries affected by China”™s policy on the South Seas.

With all this in the background, when Pakistan PM, Nawaz Sharif raked up the Kashmir issue in the UN, Modi immediately stepped up his PR efforts and Pakistan stood completely isolated in the international community. Not just that, he armed himself with the right information from Balochistan, Baltistan and PoK. Once he was sure about the Human Rights situation in these areas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi chose the Red Fort to give a call for support to the people fighting for freedom from Pakistan in those areas. People in Balochistan, Sindh and POK went ballistic over their appreciation for Modi”™s India and suddenly Pakistan Army atrocities became the highlight of the media in India and abroad. It was like a shot in the arm for these factions which wanted to break away from Pakistan, and made Pakistan”™s claims of human rights violation in Kashmir fall flat.

During the latest G20 visit in China, one could see the respect that Modi got and how China and USA are drifting apart. Now China is the lone supporter that Pakistan can lean on. This reminds us of the time when Indira Gandhi was the PM and Bangladesh wanted to break free from Pakistan. At that time, Indira Gandhi made sure that USSR and Afghanistan supported India completely even though USA remained Pakistan”™s lone supporter. China”™s support was neutralized because they had received the cold shoulder from USSR, the biggest communist nation at that time. Co-incidentally Mrs. Gandhi had built a very strong Indian intelligence presence in Balochistan in that phase.

Those that observe history learn from it “¦ those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Just like in the past when Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan when the latter tried to break India”™s unity, it seems like this time too Pakistan will have to give up on Balochistan and POK. While we still follow Mahatma Gandhi”™s path of Ahimsa, Modi”™s India will not allow itself to be divided again. Modi is a keen observer of history and will chart new history with his revolutionary leadership. Pakistan can repeat that phrase once again ““ “It is not Gandhi”™s India, it is Modi”™s India.”



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