This is the tolerance level of Hinduism!!! Hindu Man, whose son was killed by his Muslim Girlfriend’s Kin, hosts Iftar Party

Yes, incidents are forgotten. People forget unfortunate incidents and move on with time. Losing one’s kith and Kin is painful but you need to survive at the end. That’s the ultimate philosophy universe follows. But here’s something too hard to digest.

It is common for people you have to deal with in perpetuity, and only common sense prevails at the end of the day with uncommon outcomes. You cannot sing sonnet sitting beside barbarians. If your super-sense allows that, soon you will have to succumb to the net sum of commonality. Too soon is not too good!!

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Hindu Man Hosts Iftar Party After Son Killed By Muslim Girlfriend’s Kin.

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The 24 year old photographer died nearly 5 months ago in Delhi’s Raghubir Nagar. The same victim’s father organised Iftar party under the banner of “Ankit Saxena Trust” at his home. Ankit was allegedly murdered by his girlfriend’s family on February 1st. The girl belonged to Islamic community and her family was against this relationship.

Ankit Saxena’s family hosted an Iftaar party, y’day. He was killed by his girlfriend’s family members 4 months ago, as they opposed the couple’s inter-faith affair. Ankit’s father said,’It’s to promote brotherhood,a Muslim killed him but every Muslim isn’t the same’

Speaking to media about this, Yashpal Saxena (Ankit’s father) said, “It’s to promote brotherhood. A Muslim killed him but every Muslim isn’t the same.” Four months ago, when the Delhi-based photographer’s murder was being given a ‘communal’ angle by a certain section of the society, his father had urged all not to make “inflammatory statements”.

At the time, Yashpal Saxena had said, “Yes, those who killed my son were Muslim…but every Muslim can’t be branded for this. Don’t use me to spread communal tension, don’t drag me into it…I appeal to everyone not to link this to religion and vitiate the atmosphere,” as NDTV reported.

It is indeed hard to digest this act by Ankit’s father overcoming the loss of his son so soon within a few months. Well this gesture by him has gained a lot more of media attention, even more than Ankit’s murder incident. While people, on one hand, are condemning this, on the other hand people are calling it Communal Harmony! May it be committed by any religion or community, a crime is a crime. And how can any parent overcome this loss?

Actually, it is this kind of mentality that encourages culprits to commit more atrocities on Hindus. There must be a counter-terror so they step back on this issue. Why do you think the world is afraid of criticizing Islam or Allah? They are all scared of a repeat these atrocities and there is no cure for it!

Source: Timesnow news