This lady is tagged as Unislamic and an enemy of men; Do you know what she did?

Indian intellects called Ishrat Jahan as her sister even though evidence said that she was a part of terrorist organisation. But there is another lady called Ishrat Jahan, but her mistake was that she fought for the right of the Muslim women.

“Now, after the court verdict I hope no one will undergo what I went through. It was hell. My husband called me from Dubai and said talaq talaq talaq. It was so sudden. I cannot even remember the date”. These were the words of Ishrat Jahan, who was the one among the five petitioners against Triple Talaq.

She has become the messiah of lakhs of Muslim women who suffered from Triple Talaq. Many thought that Ishrat would be hailed as a great fighter. But in return what she received will shock you. Yes, the award she received was that of boycott from the society by few fanatics.

This brave lady is now being boycotted by her in-laws and neighbours in Howrah’s Pilkhana. Yes, now she is receiving a smear campaign, insinuations and character assassination in her own neighbourhood since Tuesday after Supreme Court declared instant triple talaq unconstitutional.

The lady who fought for the gender equality is now tagged as unislamic and an enemy of men. Let us read what Ishrat said, “Ever since the Supreme Court verdict has come in it has opened floodgates of expletives, insulting remarks and comments targeted at my character assassination from my neighbours and in-laws. I have to hear words like gandi aurat (bad woman), enemy of men and unislamic. Many neighbours have even stopped speaking to me”.

Jahan stays in Howrah’s Pilkhana near Dobson Road. She has been staying in the house since 2004 that her husband had purchased from the dowry she had brought at the time of marriage in 2004. Her husband’s elder brother and his family also live in the same house.

She also said that she is feeling unsafe in this house and expressed her fear. She said that she want to focus on her four children.

Now it is interesting to see that will Raul Gandhi, who tweeted about the SC verdict, come to the rescue of Ishrat Jahat? Now how many politicians will call her as “sister”?

Potential bomber “Ishrat Jahan” was hailed as ‘martyr of kaum’ but another “Ishrat Jahan” fighting for dignity is facing character assassination.


Nishika Ram