This lady politician’s Electricity Bill is 16 Million rupees, Bungalow cost is 150 Million rupees! Here’s what she did after CM Yogi gave her a shocker

How much do you think a Chief Minister of a State would earn in a month or over a couple of years? How much would be the earnings of a Chief Minister to a maximum? Well, this question applies only to those bunch of CM’s who work with sincerity. Not to those who loot the nation and money meant for public.

Where does that much of money come from, I do not understand, a CM ‘s salary can never make that huge amount of money even after the tenure of 50 years. Isn’t it? Unless you loot from major scams and rob money from the Government-owned money. of course, there is no other way to earn from, unless you have a hard-earned business of your own.

After SC’s order that Ex CMs must vacate Govt accommodations, Mayawati has ordered her staff to start shifting to Rs 15 Crore bungalow she had purchased in 2010. Few days ago, She paid Rs 1.68 Crore electricity bill. Hmmm Rs 15 Cr bungalow & Rs 1.68 Cr bill but still She’s Dalit.

If we had by any chance the money to pay such bills, Income Tax would practically be living in our house or we would be living in their offices. Nothing happens to these “Chor Netas” who show sudden income spurts but if you and me do it, we are the Ultimate criminals at the end. Aren’t we?

Being a Dalit and paying 1.68 Crore for electricity bill is not a big deal to be tensed of. Whereas, being poor and paying that amount or owning 15 crore bungalow is an absolute deal. Hope the Dalits understand, the so-called Dalit leader. With such corrupt criminal leaders, how will the Nation progress? Sad to say, but India is cursed with such leaders!

CM Yogi Adityanath, Supreme court has done a fabulous job showing exit door from their Bungalow to greedy people Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati both should be thrown away. They will try to do propaganda to save Bungalow INCIndia, BJP4India and ANI Merci & Salute To Supreme court

The so-called sarkar that mocked at our honorable President Ram Nath Kovind, for being a Dalit and sitting on the throne of the president. The same sarkar has all its limits crossed with the boundary of Dalit leaders. What do the seculars have got to say now? Can we ask for an explanation?

And Yes, Mayawati did not pay the bill willingly but she was forced to pay that bill and yes her party did protest against same. These leaders surviving on Government funds and loot from public funds, who is responsible for all these? Shall we blame PM Modi for this as well? Did PM Modi teach these illegal lessons?

Everybody has a right to question and each one has questioned the attitude of government on those issues. Similarly, we appreciate the efforts to recover money by seizing their property and fighting against the Corruption level. Let’s all question it now. why no outrage on this? Why doesn’t any of them take an interest now?