This man needs your help, please help him get ‘Renal Transplant’!

The Post Card news has always stood with those who are in need and wants help. Previously Post Card news had launched various campaign to raise money for Hindu activists who were killed by Jehadi elements. We also raised a campaign to collect money for the Sri Ram Vidya Mandir in Kalladka, when the Congress government in Karnataka had stopped providing meals to little children.

Now we are taking our social work to the next level trying to support people who need financial help for their medical expense and help them lead a dignified life.

Here is a man called Sarvjit Kumar Singh, aged 31 who is suffering from Kidney ailment and needs Kidney transplant as soon as possible. His mother has agreed to donate her kidney for her son, but the surgery cost and the post operative cost including hospital treatment and medical expense is something which is going beyond his ability and needs your help.

There will be a lot of people who are well off and spend a lot of money on unnecessary things, but if they can donate little amount to this to needy person, his family may be able to sleep peacefully. You’re small amount may bring big change in his life and you will also be thanked for bringing back smile on his face.

Please help in what ever way you can

Here is the details of the person!


Account Number : 082900 0102018902

Bank: Punjab National Bank

Name: Ajit Kumar Singh