This man who was kicked out as an IPS officer is now shouting that Hindus killed Chandan Gupta

The brave soul of Chandan Gupta will only be in peace after his killers are named and shamed. Couple of days ago, the killer Saleem Javed, 45, was nabbed by the Uttar Pradesh Police and later he confessed that it was he who had shot the young Chandan Gupta who shouted “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”.

The Aligarh inspector general of police Sanjeev Gupta said that “Saleem has admitted that he had opened fire at Chandan”.

When forced to Chant “Pakistan Zindabad”, Chandan Gupta denied and that’s why Saleem shot him!

“Over 20 men, including Saleem stopped the youths participating in the tiranga yatra, snatched their flag and threw it on the ground, asking them to shout Pakistan Zindabad. When my son protested, the attackers pelted them with stones. Saleem aimed and fired at Chandan, injuring him. He was later declared dead at the hospital”. This was how the patriot Chandan Gupta was shot dead but as the Hindu lives doesn’t have any value, a former IPS officer started spinning the narrative.

This man, who was thrown out of police service began to float his fictional story on the death of Chandan Gupta. he said,

  • A new video from Kasganj seems to confirm that Chandan Gupta was most likely killed by a Friendly Hindu Bullet.

On Facebook ,Sanjiv Bhatt shared a post titled “A new video from Kasganj seems to confirm that Chandan Gupta was most likely killed by a Friendly Hindu Bullet”, and tried to shift the blame on Hindus.

A new video from Kasganj seems to confirm that Chandan Gupta was most likely killed by a Friendly Hindu Bullet.

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Sanjiv Bhatt‎‏ في 30 يناير، 2018

Sanjiv Bhatt’s post also contained a caption saying!

In the video, gunshots can be heard clearly. SPEAKING ON THE CONDITION OF ANONYMITY A SENIOR IPS OFFICER SAID, “This was the very point where CHANDAN GUPTA, 21, WAS SHOT DEAD.”

His post also says that,

“There were over 50 youths and one of them had the Indian flag. At least two had revolvers and others were carrying clubs, sticks, while the rest were hurling stones towards the Muslim-populated area. Several shots were fired in air by youths who were in the ‘tiranga yatra’. A special investigation team is now looking into the 14-second clip to identify the men seen in it”.

When the killer himself has confessed that he killed Chandan Gupta, why is this habitual liar misleading the people? Chandan Gupta’s father has also said that “After my son was declared dead at the district hospital, I was told by a group of youths participating in the tiranga yatra that Saleem, Wasim, Naseem and 20 other Muslim men fired shots and killed my son”.

Now, for provoking and misleading the people, why can’t the police arrest and investigate Sanjiv Bhatt? People like Sanjiv Bhatt are as dangerous as the mob that fight in the name of religion.

People expressed anger over Sanjiv Bhatt’s hypocrisy!

  • Running the case on Facebook, are you? Did you say, you once worked to uphold law? Do you plan to take your ’emerged’ evidence to court or are you just going to waste everybody’s time peddling controversial lies. If you were Chandan’s family how would you take this tweet of yours?


Hansika Raj