This popular Bollywood star asked Hindus to either opt ‘Constitution or Hindu Rashtra’! But a woman ripped him with this unique reply!

No matter how secular the Hindus are, the hardcore communals always call the Hindus as communals. Temples were destroyed, subsidies are denied, yet the Hindus are called as communals. In this 21st century, chanting “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” is termed as provocative. “Vande Mataram” is so provocative that the peaceful people are left with no other option than killing the person who chanted it.

Coming to the point, this popular Bollywood star has a history of communalising secular issues. This person has a skill of abusing the Hindus for speaking against the communals. This man’s son, Farhan Akhtar, has guts to call Hindus as terrorists but doesn’t the spine to call terrorists as terrorists.

It is none other than Javed Akhtar, lyricist, scriptwriter and poet of Bollywood. When the Modi government was all set to stop the “Triple Talaq” practice, a bunch of Muslim activists came out on streets saying PM Modi is anti Muslims. At this point of time, popular Twitterati Sonam Mahajan asked a question to the Islamic scholar who opposed the anti Triple Talaq Bill. She tweeted,

  • I want to ask, Islamic scholar, Abdul Rehman Aabid, sitting on Zee News right now, a question.You, Sir, are quoting AIMPLB again & again. AIMPLB is not even an official body, has no sanctions under the constitution of India. Do you believe in our constitution?

To defend these Islamic scholars, this Bollywood pseudo star arrived. He tried to slam Sonam Mahajan using a communal card saying,

  • You are asking others but May I ask you whether you believe in our constitution or in the idea of Hindu Rashtra. Since our constitution believes all citizens are equals it is not compatible with the idea of Hindu Rashtra . Make your choice

But the befitting reply given by her had instantly put all the pseudo seculars to shame!

  • Hindus are inherently secular as they don’t grow up reading literature calling all other religions fake. It’s the beauty of a Hindu Rashtra that India has chosen to stay secular even after Muslims carved a whole Pakistan out of it in the name of Islam. Don’t teach us secularism.

She once again reminded that if ‘secularism” is alive in India then it was due to Hindus. After Independence, the Hindus of India could have demanded for a “Hindu Rashtra” but they opted for a secular nation. Yet, the pseudo seculars doubt the integrity of Hindus towards the constitution of India.

After getting bashed and unable to counter the question, this is how Javed Akhtar responded, that too after 5 days!

  • First of all who has given you the right to speak on behalf of all Hindus. Talk for yourself. Good that you have not been taught that other religions are fake but don’t you believe that they are, it is quite obvious that you intensely dislike other religions.

After a few exchange of words, Javed Akhtar wasn’t able to answer the questions of Sonam. That’s why he tried to escape by calling her a “dirty troll”. But again, Javed Akhtar was ripped apart.

  • OMG, stop STALKING me already. As they say, those with tiny brains always have inflated egos but you seem to have developed far more serious issues. The truth is, you feel a nobody in today’s India. The politically aware Hindu scares you. Please get yourself some burnol.

What was even more shocking is that Javed Akhtar was stalking the Sonam Mahajan. If the stalking allegation made by her is true, then it’s really dangerous.

  • The last person I want a certificate from, is you. It was your prejudice, bias and hatred that made you campaign against India’s most loved leader and when the majority of this country still elected him, you turned against the majority. Frustration does funny things to people.

Hansika Raj