This reel villain has become a real villain to crores of Indians; Do you know what he said to PM Modi?

The “award wapsi” gang is back with a bang and this time they have recruited a very popular figure into their squad. This personality has his hold on Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood, Mollywood and Sandalwood. Eager to know it is?

It is none other than Mr Prakash Raj!!!

Prakash Raj has done a spectacular entry into the “Award Wapsi” gang with a mind blowing dialogue. Read what this iconic actor said in the murder of Gauri Lankesh!!!

“Those who killed Gauri may or may not be traced but that apart, there is a huge crowd out there enjoying and celebrating on social media. We all know who they are, what their ideology is. Some of those celebrating this ghastly episode are being followed by none other than Mr Modi himself. This is what worries me, where is our country is headed to?”

The seculars and liberals were extremely happy with this punching dialogue but Mr Prakash Raj had something else in his kitty. Read his next dialogue which will remain as the dialogue of the decade.

“I say you keep it. I don’t want the awards. Don’t tell me that good days will come”.

Where was this dialogue when dozens of Hindus were killed in his home state? Where was this dialogue when anti-national slogans were raised in JNU campus? Where was this dialogue when India’s image was tarnished in the name of ‘intolerance’?

Karnataka witnessed one after another deaths of RSS workers but this actor didn’t even raise his voice.

Isn’t Prakash Raj a 24 carrot Hypocrite?

By looking at the fierce words of this actor, one may mistake it as a love towards humanity. At the 11th state meet of the Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) in Bangalore, Mr Prakash said that he will lead all the fights initiated by DYFI. But he forgot to mention that this organisation named DYFI was exposed several times for participating in the violence against RSS and Hindu youths.

Why was Mr Raj silent when RSS workers were killed by his DYFI leaders? Recently, E Rajesh was stabbed more than 40 times by the CPI goons. But Prakash Raj didn’t feel like condemning it.

Finally, the reel actor turns into a real life actor!!!

Why didn’t Prakash Raj ask PM Modi to speak up when Hindus were killed by Rohingyas? Why didn’t he threaten to return his award when several journalists were killed during Congress Party’s tenure?

Prakash Raj is a peculiar personality. When martyrdom of soldiers, death of RSS worker or Hindu man takes place, Prakash Raj never opened his mouth. But when Gauri Lankesh was assassinated by unknown men, his humanity woke up.

This reel villain said that there is another actor who is better than him and it is CM Yogi Adiyanath of Uttar Pradesh. Prakash Raj also expressed his desire to hand over his awards to Yogi Adiyanath.

Like Kamal Haasan, this actor too exposed that his colour is not saffron. Journalist Gauri was killed in a Congress ruled state, Gauri’s twitter too indicated that there was fight going on within her group but Mr Raj found it cool to target PM Modi.

He said that he is “worried about the PM’s silence”. But Indians are worried about Mr Prakash’s silence on the killing of RSS workers by CPI goons. Why does he follow the organisation which carries out regular attacks on innocent civilians?

After this, this veteran actor may even blame PM Modi if his films doesn’t enter Rs 100 crore club in box office. This man hesitated to give out a statement on Kaveri water dispute with the fear that he will lose his fan following. Karnataka state will face election within few months and this man has exposed his skills.

Till date, Prakash Raj was respected for his versatile acting but now he lost all his respect soon after he decided to play holi in a dead person’s blood. Liberals may say that a new fighter has emerged against PM Modi but people are saying that one more mask of a communal person is unmasked.




Hansika Raj