This reminds of Akshay Kumar’s BABY film! Two business tycoons who knew everything of Congress party’s scams extradited from UAE

Na Khaunga Na Khane Dunga! Prime Minister Modi stands rock solid on his words. Maintaining his stance on carrying out strict action against all the fraudsters and scamsters Prime Minister Modi Government has brought the looters back on the feet of the Bharat Mata

In a big development, PM Modi Government has now extradited two other high profile personalities involved in corruption scandals back to India.

Yes! What you are reading is not a scene of any movie or play. It is the reality, the reality which is possible only under the PM Modi Government.

After Christian Michel, now Modi Government has extradited Rajiv Saxena (accused in Augusta Westland VVIP Chopper scam) and Deepak Talwar (corporate lobbyist) back to India from the United Arab Emirates
Both are being brought to India from Dubai in a special flight sent by the Government of India to the UAE. The duo is expected to land in India soon and will be taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate.
Not only the accused are being extradited to India but also the Modi Government has done a crackdown on the scamsters in not less than a filmy style.

“Rajiv Saxena was picked up by UAE state security from his residence this morning at 9:30 am (UAE time) and extradited to India around 5:30 pm (UAE time). There were no extradition proceedings in the UAE and he was not allowed access to his family or lawyers or essential daily medicine. He was onboard onto a private jet from a private terminal at Dubai International Airport,” as said by the lawyers Geeta Luthra and Prateek Yadav of the accused

When Saxena’s lawyers tried to get in touch with the UAE state security and demanded to know the reasons behind the ‘extradition’, they were told that he is on a flight and the same can’t be stopped. When queried further, the lawyers were told: “Ask the Indian government”.

This is Modi style of Governance for You. “Ek Ek Desh Ke Lootere ko Vapas Kheech Kheech Kar Launga” i.e will drag all the scamsters back to nation and they will have to pay for looting the money

They say guts are needed to carry out such an action and it is PM Modi and his Government who have the guts to do this. All those who have voted for PM Modi must be feeling proud and can feel the power of their one vote. This is what their one vote has done

All those who haven’t it’s high time for them to correct their path and realize what wrong they have done. Do vote for PM Modi and BJP Government and ensure your nation in the safe hands


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