This wicked move of Congress to attack PM Modi heavily backfires! Congress social media head didn’t even think in her wildest of the dreams that people love PM Modi crazily

Well done Congress… Well done to the Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Congress Social Media head Ramya a.k.a Divya Spandana for the new political manoeuvre. Well done to your wicked brains. You deserve an appreciation for this wicked move.

Each one of us knows that the trend of Delete NaMo App advertised by Congressi’s proved they are up to prove who is the most dumbest of all!

Close on the heels of Facebook data leak scrutiny by Cambridge analytica, the Congress party on Friday tried to dump off the Congress shit on the shoulders Prime Minister’s NaMo (Narendra Modi) app, and went to promote that the app is using software to extract personal data of the users. The Congress openly alleged that the user data in the app will be used by the ruling party at the time of elections (the strategy used by Congress right now) which has not been affiliated to the Indian Government.

Congress is well appreciated by people on twitter for its attempt to dump its scams on the shoulders of BJP. People on twitter have taken it as a challenge and are downloading the Namo App in wide numbers.

Last time where Congress targeted PM Modi, his followers increased in Twitter. Now this time more people are downloading the NaMoApp giving more strength to Narendra Modi. poor congi, they can’t even win in Twitter.

After the Congress party advertised the tweet on Delete NaMo app, the Twitterati slammed the Congress party for misusing the Social handle and spreading false news about the Prime Minister’s App. It was like mini Twitter war as several users reacted to the issue and is trending with the hashtag #deleteNaMo app. The twitter users also raised pointers on several scams by the Congress dynasty and went on to say that, it is not the App that has to delete but it is the Congress dynasty that needs to be uninstalled from India.

Check out the interesting tweets, what the true Indians had to appreciate about the great trick tried by Congress, which they thought would be a masterstroke:


Thank you INC India for the trend DeleteNamoApp on twitter, i did download NAMO just because of u.. a big thanks for promoting Namo.

Although I have NaMo app on my phone but was not using it frequently. Now onwards will use it frequently and submit all possible personal information happily

My family never downloaded NaMo App Today we did Thanks INC India for motivation

To all Rahul Gandhi bhakats are spreading lie need to watch this.. congress ka haal ye hai ki kuch acha gina nhi skte to kuch bhi fake start krke time pass krte rehte hai

Delete Namo App is nothing more than a burnol moment for Congress. They have been hit badly by expose of data theft through Cambridge Analytica. Time to DeleteCongFakeNews

The Congress social media head Ramya along with Rahul Gandhi is using the Twitter handle as a tool for their leisure time, spreading false news and defaming the PM Modi government. Right now the Cambridge Analytical global data scam has reached the doors of Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party is in a hurry burry to dump off this mess created by them.

Yes, we are ready to delete. Not the Namo App but we are actually going to delete congress government form Karnataka.