This will bring tears in your eyes! 101-year-old Pakistani Hindu woman finally gets Indian Citizenship after waiting for 12 years

The people who welcome Rohingyas into India are the same people who oppose the entry of Hindus who are tortured at the hands of Islamic nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Hindus of these nations can’t stay in their home land (Pakistan and Bangladesh) because of the atrocities of the radicals. In a hope to find a peaceful home, they leave everything behind and come to India expecting at least something. But to get permission to stay in India as a citizen, they have to again suffer and wait for decades.

This is one such story where a 101-Year-Old Pakistani Hindu woman has finally got Indian Citizenship after waiting for 12 years. By this she now becomes the oldest person to get Indian citizenship.

The 101 years old Hindu was Jamuna Mai who had to leave her country after violence against Hindus reached the heights. Times of India reported “A small hamlet, Sodha Ri Dhani in Jodhpur, housing six Hindu migrant families from Pakistan, celebrated the new identity of their eldest member like never before. Her application for citizenship under the Indian Citizenship Act 1955 was cleared on Friday ( 11th January), after a struggle of 12 years. Mai signed the final ‘exit document’, an undertaking of leaving Pakistan’s nationality, on Friday, with the hope that her family members too would be accepted by India soon”.

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101-year-old Jamuna Mai (centre) celebrating her citizenship with family at Sodha Ri Dhani hamlet in Jodhpur on 11th January

Jamuna Mai was born in 1918 in the Punjab province of undivided India and the family survived by doing farming in their Muslim landlord’s farm. Even though Jamuna Mai’s family had to face torture at the hands of Zamindars, they had no other option than working in Pakistan. However the condition started to worsen after the demolition of Babri Masjid in India. Soon the Pakistani Hindus had to face violence and several Hindu temples were demolished by the radicals in the terrorist nation.

Atma Ram, one of Mai’s two sons who migrated to India with her recalled the past saying “Our relations with Muslim landowners and neighbours changed overnight. The nightmare for our community started then. By 2000, we decided to move from Pakistan and, in 2006, we bid farewell to the land of our ancestors forever”. Note that another son of Jamuna Mai is still in Pakistan.

Finally in 2000 Jamuna Mai’s family came to India on religious visa. But even after coming to India, her situation didn’t improve as they were denied jobs too. After waiting for 12 long years, Mai has finally got Indian citizenship and this has been confirmed by Jawahar Chaudhary, Jodhpur ADM who said “Mai’s document was approved and she got her citizenship certificate on Friday (11th January) evening”.

Happy with this, Jamuna Mai said “My family should also be given the same ID card”.

Hansika Raj


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