Thousands of Mosques Demolished in China…Why is the Indian Secular Brigade Still Silent???

In the past three months, the Chinese government has destroyed thousands of Mosques in the Xinjiang region on Beijing, giving the reason that they need to rectify the largely Muslim populated area. As a “Mosque Rectification” campaign launched by the Chinese Central Ethnic-Religious Affairs Department, the Mosques were demolished as a safety measure for people worshiping in the Uyghur Autonomous Region said Eysajan Yaqup, a police officer in Toqquzaq township.

He stated that the decision was taken since providing security to people in the area was difficult and proudly said that we have successfully completed the assigned task in 3 months and silenced most of the prayers in the area. China which houses about 50 Million Muslims, believes that Uyghur extremists are threat to the society and the main reason for violent clashes against the Government.

The Chinese government has taken the issue very seriously and has vowed to root out the Uyghur extremists out of China. It is also said that the Police often conduct sudden raids on houses of Uyghur extremists and seize their properties and put complete restriction on Islamic practice, clothing and speaking their language. According to few reports, the Chinese government has destroyed around 70%, that is 5000 Mosques in 3 months.

But the interesting part here is, when Israel attacked Palestine the entire secular brigade in India had condemned the act and demanded the Indian government to pass resolution against the Israeli Government. The so called seculars in our country created a big Hue-cry over the incident and some people even wanted the Indian government to raise the issue in the United Nations. But the same people have no voice to peak against China. These people do not speak a word against the Chinese government for barring Muslims from using loud speakers during prayers.

Even Pakistan which went crying to United Nations to complaint against Indian Army for killing terrorist Burhan Wani, has no words on China’s decision to destroy 5000 Mosques…WHY???

Xinjiang which is called the Muslim capital of China, no Muslim is suppose to follow fast during the month of Ramzan, no person is allowed to wear Muslim attire like burqa. The Chinese had declared that Burqa was a garment of extremism and anyone who follows the tradition is bound to face severe punishment. Somehow, the Leftist and liberal brigade which considers China as their mentor and role model, have totally different views in our country.

Has India done anything so brutal..???

Given the fact that India is a democratic country and has never done anything that hurts the religious sentiments of other religion, the secular and liberal brigade termed India as INTOLERANT! Probably these people should be shifted to China for a year to make them understand what really is Intolerance! But unfortunately, it is the Hindus who are facing the real threat in many parts of India. Recently the separatists in Jammu Kashmir refused to let the Hindu refugees into the valley, while they had no problem when Rohingya Muslim refugees from Bangladesh settled in JK. The innocent Kashmiris Pandits who were brutally murdered in the hands of separatists and their supports have still not been able to return to their houses in Kashmir even after 30 years….Is this the secularism our people want ???

The constant attacks on Hindus in West Bengal as made it literally impossible for Hindus to survive in Muslim dominated areas. Most of these people are illegal migrated Muslims from Bangladesh. Hindus in W.Bengal are not allowed to perform Pooja during Dusheera. Temples are being demolished, priests are attacked, women-children are molested for going to temple, but NO MEDIA has the spine to show the real picture to the world. The only reason the state government doesn’t act against these people is because of vote bank politics. These people are involved in all crimes like drug and arms supply, making bombs, fake money racket, kidnap and human trafficking. But NO ONE dares to speak against them since they will be termed INTOLERANT!

This is the real face of so called seculars!

Aishwarya S **


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