A tight slap on the people who opposed Aadhaar! Do you know that 20 nations are all set to embrace Aadhaar scheme?

Rahul Gandhi’s cyber warriors are on a verge of losing their jobs. Till date, they had a good time spreading fake news and cooked up figures on Aadhaar and how in invaded Indians’ privacy and blah blah blah.

If the Aadhaar scheme was indeed a bizarre scheme, then the world must have had condemned it and should have had stayed away from it. But here, totally opposite story has taken place. 20 nations, including super power nations have now shown keen interest in embracing Aadhaar scheme. Hard to believe? Well, this is the truth.

Nations including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand have been stunned by the impact created by Aadhaar in India. Couple of days ago, Philippines President Duterte discussed the Aadhaar system with Prime Minister Modi and said that he was interested in India’s Aadhaar system that could help him in his various endeavours including fighting corruption.

Philippines was so eager to implement the Aadhaar scheme that even before meeting Prime Minister Narenda Modi, it was sending queries to India on how the whole system functioned.

Look at the timing of this incident. When Rahul Gandhi and his men are trying hard to prove that Aadhaar isn’t good for India, the foreigners are spell bound the working style of Aadhaar card. This could be considered as a report card for the Aadhaar.

How Russia and South African nations got inspired by the Aadhar?

This is a classic example of how Indians product is making news round the globe. Russia, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia have shown interest in Aadhaar, under which the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has enrolled more than 1 billion people.

Russia can get digital identity to its citizens in less than 5 months. Why, explains TRAI chairman!

Russia could not comprehend that 1 billion people in India have got digital identity. They asked us how this is done. I said Russia’s population is 140 million, then they need just 140 days. It can be done as quickly because we did it at 1 million per day. These were the words of the ministry of external affairs and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) chairman R.S. Sharma, who had also served as UIDAI director-general from 2009-13.

Morocco wants to do what India has done in the space. On India’s recommendation, Morocco has included provisions for biometric identification and authentication in its proposed national population register (NPR).

Aadhaar saves 9 billion dollars a months. Still this isn’t a fruitful scheme?

The architect of Aadhaar card, Nandan Nilekani, himself said that Aadhaar has also saved the government about $9 billion in fraud and wastage because by having that unique number you eliminate fakes and duplicates from your beneficiary and employee list.

We have about half a billion people who have connected their ID directly to a bank account. The government has transferred about $12 billion into bank accounts electronically in real time to the world’s largest cash transfer system. There are many several things like that. I’m a big believer that if you build the right digital infrastructure then you can leapfrog, he added.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/business-news/aadhaar-helped-government-save-9-billion-nandan-nilekani/story-7dPISNcEZJsAhUdBAZSshP.html



Hansika Raj