Tight slap to Congress! Centre sends file of granting “Minority Status” to Lingayats back to Karnataka

As you sow, so shall you reap. The seeds that Congress party has sown before elections in the state of Karnataka to divide the Lingayats by granting separate religion status to them has once again come back to haunt the party as the Central Government is likely to send the Congress proposal back to newly formed alliance government (Congress + JDS) to reconsider it and send a new proposal.(OneIndia)

The proposal of the Siddaramaiah led Congress Government to declare Lingayats as the religious minority in Karnataka was rejected by the UPA govt itself in 2013 as unconstitutional. But near to assembly elections in Karnataka all of the sudden state government find it viable and sent the proposal to Centre. By sending such proposal to Centre, Congress thought it has played a masterstroke that will help it win the Karnataka Assembly Elections but unfortunately it backfired on Congress and the party paid heavily for it. The results went against them as the majority of Lingayat community votes has gone in favour of BJP and the Congress Lingayat leaders who had spearheaded the move also suffered a massive setback in their respective constituencies.

And now once again the Congress Government is going to face the heat of the issue as when Centre will send back the proposal, the newly formed state Government of Congress and its ally JDS has to clearly ponder over. How they want to proceed further now. It will be a really tactful situation for them. If new Government reconsider and doesn’t send the proposal back it will be tight slap for the Congress party who wanted to divide Hindus by carving out a different community from them and will once again show the party’s real face that why earlier it took this move just before elections and if it accepts the proposal then also the newly formed Government is going to bear the repercussions of it as Lingayats, who are already upset with this move and has expressed their anger in the Karnataka Assembly Elections are going to hit the Government hard in upcoming LokSabha Elections in 2019 as the Lingayats will vote against the Congress party and its ally in much larger numbers than now even.

Anyway, the Congress party is now going to be badly affected by their own move. The divide and rule policy of the Congress Government is going to hit it back. They have to bore the fruits of the seed they have sown for dividing the society on basis of caste, creed and colour.

The Karnataka government is however yet to receive any file on this issue. The Union Home Ministry had studied the proposal and then sent it to the ministry for minority affairs. The ministry after studying the proposal will send it back to the state government for fresh consideration.

Source : OneIndia