It’s time for Kangana Ranaut to blame PM Modi for her fight with Hrithik Roshan!!!

The headline may shock you but this is the truth!!!

The fight between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut is getting ugly and the man behind this is none another than PM Modi!!!

His charm can impress anyone within a fraction of second and his name is Hrithik Roshan. He is not only known for his impeccable acting and dancing skills but also for his clean image he has maintained. But the interference of PM Modi has ruined everything.

Hrithik Roshan had casted his vote in favour of PM Modi in the 2014 general election expecting that “Ache Din’ would be delivered. But what happened? Hrithik Roshan had to divorce his wife Sussanne Khan.

He didn’t even have time to recover from PM Modi’s ‘bad days’ as Kangana Ranaut started attacking Hrithik. She said that Hrithik had hacked her email account and had sent emails to his account in order to project her in a bad light.

After this, she had given Hrithik time to recover but now she had again raged a war on him as she released her intimate picture with Hrithik from her sister’s account. But Hrithik’s spokesperson proved that it was a photoshopped image

Now, highly reliable source have said that she is all set to blame PM Modi for the fading relationship with Hrithik. The proof to support this will be submitted at the end of the article.

Modi was a serial offender in this matter!!!

Not just in Hrithik-Kangana’s relationship but in many others’ lives, PM Modi had “squeezed lime”. Here is the exclusive report on how PM Modi destroyed the flourishing lives of several Indian celebrities who had brought laurels to India.

The prominent among them were Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Prasad’s most pampered sons and many more who feared to expose Mr Narendra Modi due to his political influence.

How Lalu’s sons became a victim to Modi’s conspiracy?

Months ago, Lalu’s wife had made a fool out of herself. She was on a hunt for bride for her sons- Tej Pratap and Tejaswi Yadav. In a hurry she gave out a statement that created huge embarrassment to her. She said I don’t want cinema hall and mall-going girls. She should be one who can look after the house, respect elders, and manage outside work, just like me”.

Soon after PM Modi heard the word “mall” from the mouth of Rabri Devi, he misused his power and ordered his officials to stop the construction of Lalu Yadav’s mall. PM Modi was not satisfied with this as he even removed Tejaswi Yadav from the position of Deputy CM of Bihar and Tej Pratap from the cabinet.

This has severely hit the voyage of Lalu Yadav to search a bride for their sons. At present, Lalu’s son doesn’t have any portfolio and what they have got is the popularity (for wrong reasons) after harassing girls during one New Year’s Eve party in Delhi in the year 2008.

So by conducting frequent raids on Lalu and family, the Prime Minister had made these young and dynamic kids of Lalu as villain in the minds of girls. So prior to destroying Hrithik’s life, PM Modi had destroyed the lives of Lalu’s sons.

How the youth icon became a victim of PM Modi?

Before hunting Hrithik, Tej Prathap & Tejaswi Yadav, Modi had destroyed the life of the most handsome bachelor of India. It is not other than the youth icon Rahul Gandhi. PM Modi had bashed and slammed this handsome man everyone now and then, that the people of India have now considered him not more than a joker.

Well, now the girls are hesitating to marry Rahul Gandhi and this is all due to PM Modi. So by analysing the past track records of PM Modi, it is clear that he is the man who is behind the clash between Hrithik and Kangana Ranaut.

Now she should come out in public and blame PM Modi for this. She should also advice Modi to focus on governance rather than doing these extracurricular activities.

Special Note!!!

 Certain half boiled intellects who don’t have the skills to understand sarcasm had misunderstood our previous article. Here is the link of that article!!!

Finally PM Modi has deposited Rs 15 lakhs in each and every Indian’s account

So considering those specially abled intellects who are in reputed newspapers and websites who are unable to get the sarcasm right, we are hereby declaring that this is sarcasm.

Hansika Raj