It is time to restore “Vedic thoughts”; Read how India is destroyed by western ideologies

India influenced entire world with its treasure of Knowledge and Vedic thoughts in order to reform the society away from its clashes with different ideologies. Many ancient scholars introduced the proper way of understanding the teachings of  India. Before invaders, Vedic teachings been presenting to society and the way of education was essential for intellectual development.

The present Indian society is dealing with ideology problems where so called social reformers started to teach in their own vision, but not from Ancient knowledge. Ideologies adopted from western countries misled entire India and it’s educational system. People who got influenced from western communism ideology and they implemented to India without analising the situations and the issues of India. Communism that had failed in 20th century been introducing again in India to counter Veda and it’s teachings. And, the biggest tragedy is they claimed themselves as Social Re formers.

In India, people who support Vedic culture call themselves as Right wing and the people who supports western culture stands as left wing. And, the clashes between these ideologies are confusing entire society. It’s clear that communism in India affecting entire nation due to it’s meaningless logics.

Political and Language Issues :

We cannot adopt political concern apart from cultural values.  Western ideologies of Political stands up for competition, money markets, media and militarism which follows different path than spiritual and Vedic traditions of harmony, interdependence, introspection, respect for nature and cultural diversity. Ancient India embedded in spirituality and wisdom where Indians been following it since the civilisation has started.  And, the thoughts of western logic leaves people spiritually empty focusing only on personal desires and ambitions, which leads to self assertion and isolation. Along with the human rights, it’s a duty of every Indian citizen to honour his cultural values and religion teachings. Without honouring Religion Aspects, one sided emphasis on Human Independence becomes divisive and destructive.

An approach of Spirituality to Political thought isn’t new, it’s been presenting from ancient scholars like Chanakya who gave new birth to the Politics in India to establish an administration spiritually and economically strong. In his work, Arthashastra, he had described the way of administrating the nation, honouring the values of religion beliefs and it’s traditions.

And, also the major problem of India is describing spiritual thoughts in English terms where there’s a chance of misunderstanding entire concepts of it. Scholars from Ancient India documented every teachings in Sanskrith and it’s hard task to understand the real meaning. To make it simple, various saints like Swamy Vivekananda, Sri Arabindo etc- translated Sanskrith verses to English terms as much as possible, so that everyone can understand the values of Vedas.

Followers of Communism in India praise Stalin and his ideologies, which had failed in previous centuries in western countries.  Socialism and Capitalism stands for different circumstances and still, communists in India fights for both. And, that leads to massive destruction of Cultural values.

Communists opposing the thoughts of religion values to the society on the basis of Western Ideological terms like ‘Varna’. In Sanskrith, ‘Varna’, which introduced in Vedas and Bhagavad-Geetha refers the occupation of Indian People and the western term refers that as ‘Colour’. But, communists who’re claiming themselves as Social Reformers aren’t even aware about what exactly ‘Varna’ refers. And, they are fighting for Human rights countering ancient teachings of India.

As western ideologies of destructive Marxism are close to excuses of Terrorism, communists in India are also on their track of justifying the crimes and brutality of terrorists. To be clear, the Marxist Ideologies which these communists are following aren’t at all related to the political and social issues of India. It’s just their own form of democratic liberalism to gain sympathy, hiding its more extreme agenda, when expedient.

And the Confusion . . .

Political rivalry has been defined as Right and Left wing in the western world. Western democracies like United states are influenced by center right and center left, where both are identical in their actions. And, in India, Far left reflects the old left in the west and promotes communism with bureaucracy, corruption and state control which had been opposed in western history. And, the Right wing in India is rooted in ancient traditional values and culturally conservative. The cultural  duties of Right as well as left in West are saving Cow, Practising vegan habbit, beliefs in Spiritual values and Left of India are opposing all these.  But, both Left and Right wings opposes exploitations on the basis of caste.

But, Marxists failed with their own ideologies by misunderstanding the factors of terrorism, corruption and brutality of invaders which’s affecting entire Hindu community. When Marxist Ideologies presented to India, it’s started to ruin the beliefs on spirituality and as well as weakened the Hindu communal standards. They stood up with exploitation cases where they had completly gone wrong with their understanding. And, so the justifications on Muslim invaders and Terrorists had started and how, oppression of Hinduism introduced as their new way of establishing Socialism.

Last Drop :

As we look into the pages of ancient India, it was an essence of Spirituality. It had been changed with the invaders who ruined the cultural beliefs as well as spiritual thoughts from the society. Saints like Swamy Vivekananda, Swamy Chinmayananda, Sri Arabindo re-wrote the history of Independent India with it’s connections to Religion Values and they stood for the justice and truth.

But, Neharu replaced the spiritual approach with uncritical adulation through Fabian Socialism and Indira Ghandi continued it further which affected social harmony to its root. And, so the congress.

When Marxism introduced in Bengal, massive destruction of Spiritual beliefs affected entire Hindu citizens of West Bengal. Destroying Hindu beliefs was their major task of establishing capitalism with the influence of terroristic factors.

Kerala, ‘God own’s country’, which accepted the Capitalism theories is now transforming into home of terrorism. Trafficking of Hindu women, slaughtering cow and bullocks, conversions of Hindus to Islam, Brutality are on high rate on the name of Communism.

Indian people must understand the fact that Future of India resides on it’s spiritual values and thoughts. Do these Communists who’re opposing the cultures of Ancient India dare to oppose the Religion facts of Islam? Do these communists who supported Beef dares to have Fork? Do these communists who stood-up with exploitations of Muslim have answers for those brutality of Moghal Invasions? Do these communists who oppose the Hindu gods dares to oppose ‘Allah’? Do these communism ideas leads India to its glory of Social Harmony? Why these communists who claim themselves as Humanity Leaders ain’t found the slaughtering of Cow and Bullocks as Inhuman act?

As the Sanskrith verse “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – Universe is my home”, had described the social harmony of Ancient India. An approach of Veda as well as Spirituality to Social thoughts leads India to its Ancient Glory. Ages before Marx, Stalin etc- India had survived in his administration and was a guide lamp for entire Universe. It’s clear that Ideologies of Communism are harmful to the civilization of Hindu and to the Nation, where those ideologies are so close to the terroristic factors on the communal base.

Sushmitha Saptharshi