‘Times of India’ Caught Red Handed Spreading Lies About Demonetization!

Santanu Das, a resident of Kolkata was standing in the queue like everyone else yesterday at an HDFC bank, Wellington. A Times of India reporter was asking questions to everyone regarding demonetization and what problems they are facing.

He approached Santanu Das and asked “Do you have any problems with 2000 Rupee notes?” for which Santanu Das replied, “No, haven’t faced any problem and he’s comfortable with 2000 rupee notes.”

But the Times of India in today’s issue has completely twisted Santanu Das statement and published that he said “My grocer declined to take 2000 Rupee note, saying he had never seen a pink note and said would accept only when he gets it from bank”. Santanu Das who came to know that his statement was completely twisted to mislead people, he immediately rebutted on facebook and exposed the irresponsible reporting of Times of India.



This is an utter shameful act on the part of Times of India which is called the so called leading paper in India. They have crossed all limits to mislead people changing facts and publishing false stories in their paper.

This is the second time, Times of India has been caught indulging in creating false stories about demonetization. Last week the TOI had published a false story saying that a senior citizen of Mulund Vishwanath Vartak, 73 died in front of the HSBC bank while he was standing in the queue and the patrons were beaten by the staff of HSBC.

This fake story was busted and TOI had to apologize for publishing false story. It was found that there was NO BANK BRANCH of HSBC in Mulund.


This is how TOI is spewing venom and misleading people about demonetization. They are desperately trying to show the move in bad light. This is exactly why the TOI has gained the name Toilet Paper because of their irresponsible and erroneous reporting. When people mock that main stream media has lost credibility, this is a typical example. Most of these papers are misusing their positions to spread wrong information to the public.

The hypocrisy has been exposed many times before and still they continue to do the same as they haven’t been punished for their mistakes. It’s become a joke for these people to spread false information in FRONT PAGES and then apologize in a tiny corner of the Last page! These habitual offenders have to be taken into task and should be punished with high compensation!

Aishwarya S