TimesNow group sends legal notice to Arnab Goswami, doesn’t want him to use the famous phrase “Nation wants to know”

In a ridiculous move, the TimesNow group has sent a legal notice to former Editor in Chief Arnab Goswami claiming rights over the phrase, “The Nation wants to know”. The legal notice said that the phrase was developed by Arnab when he was in TimesNow, so he has no authority to use the words.

This is the most bizarre legal notice ever served, since the phrase was first used by Arnab himself and he did not donate it to TimesNow. A 6 page legal notice also claimed that Arnab was maligning the TimesNow channel after he quit in order to make himself popular and get viewership. Times Group confirmed sending the legal notice to Goswami’s Republic TV, adding that Times Now had applied for trademark registration for the phrase before it came to use.

Arnab Goswami reacted strongly to the legal notice saying

“The threat of imprisonment will not deter me. Bring your moneybags and your lawyers, file the criminal case against me for using the phrase ‘Nation Wants to Know’. Do everything you can, spend all the money you have and arrest me. I am waiting right now in my studio floor. Come, enforce your threat.”

“Every Indian has a right to use that phrase. And this phrase comes from the heart. Every Indian, through his or her questioning spirit, can use the phrase Nation Wants to Know.”

So it is ridiculous of the Times group to claim the phrase as theirs, since it was made popular by Arnab Goswami. Even though the TimesNow wins the case and officially claim ownership, it will be funny to see someone else using it on TimesNow and pretending to be Arnab Goswami, which some people already are trying.


Aishwarya S




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