To force BJP candidate withdraw her nomination for Panchayat polls, Goons in West Bengal rape candidate’s pregnant relative!


This is one of the heinous acts ever seen in the recent times. West Bengal has not simply achieved the name goonda raj or criminal raj but the type of incidents happening there has proved that it is a place where democracy doesn’t exist.

In a shameful event, some goons and supporters of TMC have allegedly raped a pregnant women who happens to be the relative of a BJP candidate contesting in the upcoming Panchayat polls. This incident occurred in Shantipur of Nadia district last night. The sister-in-law of the victim is contesting the gram panchayat polls on a BJP ticket. According to reports, the candidate received huge pressure from TMC and few goon elements threatening her to withdraw the nominations for the Panchayat polls. When she refused to do so, it is said that the goons have raped her sister in law who was 6 months pregnant.

“Last night, the TMC goons broke into our house and beat us up brutally. When we tried to resist them, they dragged my sister-in-law, who is six months’ pregnant, away and raped her,” one of the family members said. The victim was taken to a local hospital and subsequently, referred to a hospital in Kolkata, where she is battling for life, the family member added.

Nadia Additional Superintendent of Police, Rural, Toushif Ali Ajhar said, “We have received a complaint and initiated an investigation, but no one has been arrested.”

This incident has literally shaken the entire state which has now become a no place for common people. The worst part is the police are trying their best to cover up the entire incident and protect the goons. The BJP members who went to visit the rape victim in the hospital were stopped which created a tense situation in the place. The BJP Mahila Morcha has condemned this heinous act and demanded answers from the Chief Minister of Bengal. But the Chief Minister who was very vocal to speak against the Kathu case, hasn’t uttered a word against this demonic act and instead of trying to hide herself from the media.

No media is covering this story as it doesn’t suit their agenda. But this incident needs to get maximum exposure so as to show how cruel and demonic the state of West Bengal has turned under Mamata Banerjee’s rule.

People on social media are out rightly condemning the act and demanding justice for the victim…take a look!

Source: https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2018/04/30/west-bengal-pregnant-relative-of-bjp-panchayat-poll-candidate-raped.html


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