Today was the day when Indian Navy killed 500 Pakistani soldiers and destroyed 3 ships!!! Operation Trident

Navy Day Is Celebrated To Commemorate The Courageous Attack On The Karachi Harbor During The Indo-Pakistan War (On 4 December,1971) By The Indian Naval Missile Boats

December 4th should never be forgotten by any Indian because on this day the mighty Indian Navy had sunk 4 Pakistani vessels and destroyed Karachi Karachi harbour fuel fields. Due to this daring operation in the year 1971, 500 Pakistani Navy personnel were killed. This amazing task was accomplished with the help of three missile boats of the Indian Navy, INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer. What is even more amazing is that India didn’t even face a single casuality.

In 90 minutes, Indian warships fired six missiles which resulted in sinking four enemy vessels including a cargo ship carrying ammunition and destroyed the fuel storage facility at the Karachi harbour, before successfully returning to Mumbai without a single Indian casualty.

Highlights of Operation Trident: The most daring covert operation in the history

  • Operation Trident was launched on Karachi which was the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy
  • INS Veer fired the first missile on Pakistani vessel Muhafiz, which was a minesweeper. As a result the eniture Pakistani crew was sunk.
  • After World War-II, this is considered as one of the most successful naval operation in the history of the world.
  • Fleet Operations Officer who planned the detailed operational planning, Captain (later Vice Admiral) Gulab Mohanlal Hiranandani, was awarded the Nau Sena Medal.
  • Maha Vir Chakra was awarded to the strike group commander, Yadav, for planning and leading the task force.

Indian Navy: The Guardians Of The Sea

  • During the Kargil conflict in 1999 and later during Op Parakram, the Indian Navy by its offensive posturing bottled the Pakistani ships inside their harbours and effectively kept the war localised and the situation on even keel.
  • It was followed after operation Tirdent in which Karachi port was attacked during Indo- pak war 1971. In this operation Indian Navy attacked the Pakistani ships at Karachi port managing to strike one ship of Pakistan without any loss to any of the Indian ship.

The whole nation took this as a pride and congratulated Indian Navy and even others who were responsible for the spectacular growth of the Navy.

A Twitterati remembered Chatrapathi Shivaji, who is considered as the father of Indian Navy.

Major Surendra Poonia, who was also a personal bodyguard of Late President APJABdul Kalaam, saluted the exemplary valour and courage of Indian Navy.


Hansika Raj