Today Kerala politicians accuse centre of not providing enough funds, but to how many states did Kerala politicians help before?

It is indeed a sad state that the God’s own country is witnessing one of the worst floods in history. More than 14 villages have been washed out without a trace leaving people in pathetic condition. Most people have lost jobs and livelihood bringing them literally to streets.The green land has today turned into graveyard.

But all the states of India have stood with Kerala at the time of grief and supported them in every way possible. While the centre has extended Rs 600 crore funds, all other states have donated towards Kerala in their own ways.

Take a look!

Karnataka – 10 cr

Telangana – 25 cr

Gujarat – 10 cr

Himachal Pradesh – 5 cr

Andhra – 10 cr

Delhi – 10 cr

Chattisgarh – 3 cr + Rice worth 7.5 cr

Uttar Pradesh –

Haryana – 10 cr

Rajasthan -10 cr

Bihar – 10 cr

Jharkhand – 5 cr

Punjab – 10 cr

Madhya Pradesh – 10 cr

Uttrakhand – 5 cr

Odisha – 5 cr

Tamil Nadu – 5 cr

Pondicherry – 2 cr

Arunachal – 2 cr

So, Kerala government has received help from almost all states except Jammu Kashmi, West Bengal and Assam. But the same Kerala government which was either ruled by Congress or CPI has never offered any help to any other state when they faced similar situation.

Take a look at these figures!

Uttarakhand Floods (2013)

Death : 5748

Central Aid to Uttarakhand : 1000 Crore
Kerala Aid to Uttarakhand : NIL
Tamil Nadu Floods (2015)
Death – 500 +
Central Aid to Tamil Nadu : 1940 Crore
Kerala Aid to Tamil Nadu : NIL
Gujarat Floods (2017)
Death – 224
Central Aid to Gujarat : 500 Crore + 2 Lac for Death + 50K for Injured
Kerala Aid to Gujarat : NIL
Bihar Floods (2017)
Death – 500+
Central Aid to Bihar : 500 Crore + 2 Lac for Death + 50K for Injured
Kerala Aid to Bihar : NIL
Assam Floods (2017)
Death – 90
Central Aid to Assam : 340 Crore
Kerala Aid to Assam : NIL

So, The Kerala government has offered no help to other states when they were facing calamities. It is indeed a shame that CPI and Congress government who have never helped anyone are today think its their birth right to accuse the centre of not providing sufficient funds to Kerala.