Today, Modi haters started a twitter trend “I Hate Modi” but do you know how they cried (including Rahul Gandhi’s cousin) when it backfired at them and increased PM Modi’s popularity?

It’s not sure whether PM Modi has mastered the art of using the arrows fired at him as his own weapons, or whether his enemies are too weak and dull that they point out their rifle and fire on themselves, thinking that they are aiming at PM Modi.

It so happened that the hardcore Modi haters who chant the name “Modi Modi Modi” and abuse him, rolled out a trend on twitter saying “I Hate Modi”, earlier in the day. But within minutes after the trend gained momentum, the entire plan of the Modi haters had toppled completely as it was hijacked by the Modi fans by tweeting pro-Modi slogans. Below is a gist of their tweets,

As soon as the Congress got a clue that their trend “IHateModi” has gone wrong, Rahul Gandhi’s relative–a Congress leader– Tehseen Poonawalla embraced the damage control mode by saying,

  • Who is trending #IHateModi . Pls hate the politics or policies of Modi ji but this particular trend is not and should not be there . Let’s rise above being petty. When they go LOW… We must go HIGH!!!

This statement was really hilarious because, he was the pioneer from Congress party who took pride in abusing the BJP leaders, especially the women leaders. Once he had said “I request Smriti Irani Ji, we must also ‘erect’ a 56 inch pole in every University with a condom on it”.

Another person–Sadhavi Khosla– who once issued the character certificate to PM Modi started advising,

  • Whosoever has started this #IHateModi is helping Narendra Modi the MOST. He will walk away with all the sympathy. People don’t appreciate this. This hashtag is so so wrong..unethical. Criticize him for his policies, for his politics but hate?

But the same woman tried to give PM Modi a character certificate by saying “PM, though civility can’t be expected from you but this barb of mother tongue is distasteful in many ways. It does not behove the prime minister to make such remarks. It tells less about @RahulGandhi and more about your character @narendramodi ji”, when PM Modi challenged Rahul Gandhi to speak for 15 mintes without any note in his mother tongue.

Soon the Modi followers started trending the hashtag “WeLoveModi” with reasons.

  • Mr Narendra Modi is the most popular politician in India by huge distance. His Twitter account has more than 42.3 Million followers. He is the most popular Indian politician on Facebook and 8th most popular among all Indian celebrity on Twitter. India say #WeLoveModi.

Another Twitterati made a list on why the Indians love Prime Minister Modi.

Why #WeLoveModi in one tweet —

?He’s incorruptible.
?He keeps India first.
?His hardwork is unparalleled.
?He’s standing up to India’s enemies.
?He follows Hinduism without any qualms.
?He’s an inspiration like none other.
?His vision is to make India the Vishwa Guru.

Another Indian said he loves PM Modi because 31.20 crore accounts have been opened under Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) with aggregate deposit balances Rs. 75,572.09 crore. This wouldn’t have been possible if India wasn’t led by PM Modi. Out of these, 25.18 crore (81%) Jan-Dhan accounts are operative.

Another user said why he loves PM Modi to the core. He tweeted, “When I see his mother in auto-rickshaw. Why can’t he give Mercedes to his mother like Congress leaders. #WeLoveModi”.

Another Twitterati said “Ankita hails from Ahmedabad and is currently India’s No.1 tennis player in women’s singles. The picture is from a time when Narendra Modi was still the CM of Gujarat. And a proof that his remarkable encouragement to India’s athletes is not a out-of-the-blue phenomenon”.

Poor Modi-haters are failing in their every attempt to curb the Modi wave. Weeks ago, the surveys said that BJP won’t cross 100 seats to get a majority of 113 seats in Karnataka. But soon after PM Modi’s initial 6 rallies, the surveys started to say BJP will cross the majority mark.

Hansika Raj