Today is Nehru’s birthday but never forget the blunders created by him

Every year we celebrate Children’s day on 14th of November remembering the birthday of our first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

We have been hearing that Nehru loved kids a lot and was affectionate towards them, since we were kids. And marking this, kids call him “Chacha Nehru”.But to the ill fortunes of India his actual face never came to light. Nehru was that wound in the heart of the nation which never healed and the mark still remained back.

Nehru left no stone unturned with the intention to destroy India and did all that he could in negative terms. At first he divided the nation into 2 separate parts. The wicked nation Pakistan is a gift to us from wicked Nehru himself. He is being the reason behind brutal deaths of crores of people from India and Pakistan!! The poisonous seed which Nehru soughed years back we are suffering because of the same.

Kashmir’s King Hari Singh had told in his Round Table Conference in 1932 “ I am an Indian first and then a king”!! He had made a decision on combining Kashmir along with India as its part. But Nehru had to poke his nose in between. Having his enmity with the king in mind Nehru provoked Sheik Abdullah for “Kashmir Chode” movement. Due to which Abdullah was jailed later on. Later according to wishes Nehru asked the king to appoint Abdullah as Prime Minister of Kashmir.

21st/22nd of October 1947 a war broke out between the Pathan Inhabitants and the Indian Army. The Pathans had the immense support of Pakistani’s then. Our brave soldiers had defeated these Pathans and released the ‘Barmullah residents’ from their hands. In order to go ahead with further investigations, they needed permission from the Central government but Nehru did not permit to this, hence it was further handed over to the world institutions for further processing.

The credit behind making Pakistan as a different Constitution also goes to Nehru. There did not prevail Article 370 in the Constitution earlier. Nehru used all forms of his illegal powers in order to change article 360 into 370. In order to fulfill this he sent Sheik near Ambedkar.

But Ambedkar rejected this strictly saying that “sir Abdullah you want India to protect you?? India should promote Kashmir and accept Kashmiri’s as a part of India, but you don’t want India or the Indians to have any right on Kashmir. I am the Law Minister of India and I am not going to cheat my Nation”. But Chachaji was a born back stabber. Today Kashmir is a different constituency and India has no rights on it. What a commendable job by Nehru!!

Let’s get down a little from Kashmir. Nehru had all plans to change Hyderabad as “Osmanisthan”!! He intended make Hyderabad as “mini Pakistan” same as he divided India into 2 parts and created a wicked nation of Pakistan.

Yet another example of Thuglaq Nehru’s foolishness is Indo-China war. He yet again used his power to make V.K Krishna Menon as the Defense Minister in 1957. This English man as he stepped to India he stopped the weapon productions. Adding to this he sent our Army soldiers on retirement stating that “China and Pakistan won’t prepare for war with us anymore”. Nehru was yet again silent here.

In 1962 when China attacked on India and our army soldiers had no single weapon to fight back!! But yet again our soldiers proved their bravery and took all the bullets shots into their chest fighting with China and did not give up. We had to give away Kailash Manas Sarovar to the Chinese only because of Nehru’s foolish decision.

If Nehru wished he could have banned the cow slaughter practice in India. The whole parliament was against this and intended to vote against it in order to know the majority of views against it. But Nehru did not let this vote poll happen. He literally went on and threatened the members that if this takes place then he would resign from his position. Isn’t this shocking to know? After which the members took back their decision and changed their minds. Until today there has been no specific reason as to why Nehru did this?

Noting down Chachaji’s foolishness, backstabber, and his plotting incidents can finish the ink in your pen but his stories of causing loss to the nation can never end. Such a cheater and fake person is termed to be the great man in India. He wasn’t a great personality but a harmful personality to the nation. What critical times India is going through today it’s all because of Nehru. Maybe we should revise the lessons of what we have been taught of since childhood. This real character of Nehru should pass on to every child in future generations.

Shiki Shetty