Today, praising China, Rahul Gandhi insulted the Indian Army and PM Modi! But it backfired massively

It seems like patriotism is not the “cup of tea” for Rahul Gandhi and his team. Right after PM Modi took charge as Prime Minister of India, the anti-national mentality of the Congress party has been getting exposed. When Indian soldiers were bravely destroying the ego of the Chinese soldiers, Rahul Gandhi was conspiring against India by secretly meeting the Chinese officials.

Today, Rahul Gandhi again did a heinous act of insulting Indians and the central government. This 47-year-old so-called youth mocked India’s victory over the Chinese in Doklam area by calling it as a ‘Cheating”.

The Congress President, Rahul Gandhi took to Twitter to insult India and to praise the Chinese.

“Dear Narendra Modi, since you’ve requested some ideas for your Mann Ki Baat monologue, tell us about how you plan to:

1. Get our youth JOBS
2. Get the Chinese out of DHOKA-LAM
3. Stop the RAPES in Haryana”.

This was how Rahul Gandhi called India’s victory over China as “Dhoka (Cheat)”

It didn’t take much time to expose the lies of Rahul Gandhi!

Rahul Gandhi said that there is no job creation in India after PM Modi took charges but the reality is that the job generation under PM Modi’s is more than that of Congress’ tenure.

  • “Don’t fall for the propaganda: Around 6 lakh jobs are being created in a month in the formal sector in Financial Year 2017-18, reveals first institutional study on jobs based on EPFO and NPS”.

Major Gaurav Arya also slammed Rahul Gandhi’s anti-Army comment!

  • “Rahul Gandhi, It is both your right & duty to question the government on jobs and rapes. But what is “Dhoka-lam”? Please clarify”.

Top journalist Arnab Goswami slammed Rahul Gandhi saying “There is a word beyond silly puns and twitter politics. As of this minute, thousands of Indian soldiers are facing the Chinese bravely, in the most hostile of situations. Their valour, sacrifice and unmatchable commitment to the nation make every Indian proud. The “DHOKA-LAM” pun may get applause in Beijing but will hurt every soldier who has stood his ground carrying the tricolour. The nation is with them”.

Mr Rahul Gandhi, don’t you remember how your great grandfather destroyed India during a war with China?

  • In 1951, China attacked Tibet. But Nehru, with zero common sense, ordered a reduction of 50000 troops in India, the same year. Minimized to only 10000 and they fought with 100,000 Chinese soldiers during the war. It was Nehru, your Great grandfather who gave DHOKA to India”.

Indians, never forget how Rahul Gandhi secretly met the Chinese and gave India a “DHOKA”!

Once again Rahul Gandhi proved he is an enemy of Indian Defence Personnel!

Mr Rahul Gandhi, listen to the answer! An Indian is giving the answer on behalf of PM Modi!

Replying on behalf of Mr Modi:
Dear Rahul Gandhi, here are the answers to your questions!
1. You are no more a youth.
2. It was Congress govt that allowed Chinese into India.
3. Please share facts about states where you have formed the government.

Just to corner PM Modi, this so-called youth icon has insulted our brave soldiers. Hopefully, Indians will rememeber this during the 2019 General Elections.

Hansika Raj


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