Today, using 11 year old statement of Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Modi executed a masterstroke in Karnataka that made Congress lose half the battle

After 7 rallies of PM Modi, the BJP is surging ahead in the Karnataka elections. Now, PM Modi has executed a masterstroke and it is so powerful that the Congress has already lost the half battle in Karnataka. This happened after PM Modi reminded the Kannadigas on how Sonia Gandhi has cheated them exactly 11 years ago. PM Modi said,

  • In 2007 in Goa, while seeking votes, the Congress incited the people of Goa. There, Sonia Gandhi had made a speech that Karnataka doesn’t get Mahadayi water. The CM would not even know which party he was in, in 2007. After all, changing parties is a habit of the Karnataka CM.
  • I wish the Karnataka CM would have asked Sonia Gandhi Ji about her 2007 promise on Mahadayi. If he would know of that promise he would not be misleading the people.
  • Congress is misleading people in the name of Mahadayi. What the Congress is doing is showing its true character and people should know about it.

This was the attack made by PM Modi in Shivamogga today (May 5th). PM Modi also said “I ask the people of Shivamogga to take revenge from the people who insulted Yeddyurappa (BJP’s CM face in Karnataka)”. He added “He was visiting the poor of the state and the Congress made fun of that. It was not Yeddyurappaa’s insult, but the insult of poor people of the country”.

Sin of Sonia Gandhi is haunting Congress in 2018 Elections!

  • One divisive speech of Sonia Gandhi is coming back to bite Congress even after 11 years. Today PM Narendra Modi raked this again. No Congressi can open mouth against Rahul’s mother. So Siddaramaiah and team are busy trolling, but unable to answer Modi.

PM Modi also slammed the communal governance of the Siddaramaiah government by saying “Who supported those who killed the BJP workers in Karnataka. Who gifted PFI and SIMI and other violent organisations to Karnataka?”. He intensified the attack on Congress by saying “There is no difference between the ‘C’ of Congress and ‘C’ of corruption. Even now they cry fowl of demonetisation”.

PM Modi and his connection with Shivamogga!

PM Modi revealed his Shivamogga connection by saying “I have a special connection with Shivamogga. I had been in politics for over a year when in 1991, I took part in a Tiranga Yatra which was taken out from Kanyakumari till Kashmir. After stopping over in Shivamogga, I got my first opportunity to address a public rally. I will never forget the love I got from the people of Shivamogga that day”.

“The Congress has lost in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, UP, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Tripura…people across India have rejected the Congress. But they are more worried to face the loss here” he added.

Pointing at the increasing atrocities of Congress leader in Karnataka, PM Modi said “Congress has set up a Mafia network across Karnataka. They excel in ‘Vasooli.’ Once Karnataka defeats the Congress, what will happen to the ‘Vasooli mafia’. The Congress can only loot Karnataka, they cannot do any thing else for the state”.

Hansika Raj