Tough time ahead for Bangladeshi migrants, Supreme Court directs centre to seal the Indo-Bangla border ASAP!

The Bangladeshi infiltration problem has existed for over decades now, none of the previous governments or leaders took the issue seriously. The illegal migrants from Bangladesh have posed grave security threat to the Nation and has lead in unusual rise in the population of the country.

But after the Narendra Modi government took over, they were pretty serious about taking actions against the illegal migrants and wanted to seal the Bangladesh border fencing it with laser beams. After BJP won the Assam elections last year, the pace of the work picked up and the security has been tightened along the border.

Although many parties like TMC, Congress and left did not support the move of the Central government, the Supreme Court yesterday made an important observation and directed the Central government to release funds for fencing the Indo-Bangla border to check the cross-border influx of illegal Bangladesh nationals into Assam, saying the task has to be completed soon.

A bench comprising Justices Ranjan Gogoi and R F Nariman perused the Centre’s status report on the progress made in the works relating to securing and fencing the international border and said the Madhukar Gupta committee would “oversee and supervise” it. “Without going into the merits of the submissions, we are of the view that the task of border fencing and physical manning of the border (where fencing could not be done) has to undertaken and concluded,” the bench said.

Additional Solicitor General (ASG) PS Patwalia, said that the works have gained momentum and the tenders have been finalized. He also apprised the SC that the Assam government had sought 2.96 crore for acquiring land and build infrastructure for the securing the border.

This is a very important issue that Supreme Court has picked up since the border infiltrations have become a major problem to India as it is giving free hand to the terrorists, Maoists and smugglers. There are various intelligence reports which suggests that infiltrations along the border is helping terror activities and crime rates have increased many folds. These illegal Bangladeshis are said to be involved in many illegal activities like bomb making, helping terror activities in and outside country and also in fake note racket. They are also involved in human trafficking which has turned out to be a 20 Trillion market in the country. The total number of illegal migrants has crossed over 2 crores as per the internal reports.

Most of the so called secular parties have encouraged illegal Bangladeshi migrants without taking any action against them to use them as vote banks. Bangladeshis are being provided with AADHAR card, ration card and also election ID. They are even getting eligibility certificates for government schemes which is meant for Indians. The Muslim appeasement has become the sole agenda for these political parties which have resulted in giving free hand to terrorists. No action is being taken against those involved in terror activities, fake money rackets or smuggling.

So it is welcome move by the Supreme Court which has taken the Bangladeshi infiltrators issue seriously.

Aishwarya S