Tragic! AAP MLA Somanth Bharti asked a female journalist to become a prostitute and this is how Arvind Kejriwal defended his cheap comment

When it comes to abusing someone, no one can beat the leaders of Aam Aadmi party (AAP), especially its supremo Arvind Kejriwal. Days ago AAP MLA Somnath Bharti had abused a female journalist and asked her to “become a prostitute” during an interview while she asked a tough question to him. Unfortunately, the pseudo feminists and women’s activists didn’t even feel like protesting against it.

Being the head of AAP, Mr Arvind Kejriwal should have slammed MLA Somnath Bharti and should have thrown him out of the party. But what he did was extremely shocking. Yes, Kejriwal tried to spin the issue by totally diverting the matter by saying “Will someone in this country have the courage to get justice to these two women or everyone is scared of Modi ji?”.

Look at the above tweet made by Kejriwal while retweeting the tweet of Somnath Bharti, who abused the female journalist from Sudarshan TV. Yes, Kejriwal as usual blamed PM Modi for the cheap behavior of his MLA. Not just Kejriwal, even Somanth Bharti didn’t apologize for his misbehavior and went on to drag PM Modi.

Somnath Bharti

Later on he tried to play the victim card by saying “Now police has lodged an FIR against me u/s 504, 509 IPC on the basis of a manipulated audio provided by Sudarshan news and with this, matter becomes subjudice but when will police lodge FIR against Mr Modi for refusing matrimonial rights to Jashodaben ji and 4 keeping her imprisoned? And when will police lodge a case of abduction of Mansi Soni and locate her and quiz Mr. Modi on the same because Mr. Modi has been alleged to keep chasing her through Gujarat admin and his strong man Mr Shah allegedly for his lust for Mansi, a girl of his daughter’s age?”.

It is crystal clear that the AAP MLA had abused the woman and Kejriwal had backed him. But look how they are attacking the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi and his wife.

Presently AAP MLA Somnath Bharti is booked under under sections 504 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code for abusing a woman journalist during a live TV debate. In the complaint letter, the woman said “During a live TV debate, the Malviya Nagar MLA, Somnath Bharti, hurled abuses at me and told me to become a prostitute”.

Looking at this incident we need to think whether we need a leader like Arvind Kejriwal who justifies the abusing of women?

Hansika Raj