Was train accident planned before PM Modi’s Lucknow Rally today?

In a shocking development, the railway patrolling team have averted a major train accident in Kanpur today. The patrol team who are on high alert since many days after 2 major accidents, today discovered that miscreants had planned for a train derailment close to Mandhana station. The patrolling team found that the track near Kanpur-mandhana station was sabotaged and the fish plates, clips and juggle plates on the track were loosened.

This has come as a shock to the railway authorities and it was confirmed that it was a man made sabotage and not natural. Pictures released also showed that the tracks were cut using a machine so as to derail the train.

Just couple days back, the Sealdah-Ajmer express was derailed in Kanpur leaving 68 injured. Fortunately there were no reports of death. The preliminary investigation said that few railway employees were involved in the act and FIR has been registered against the railway employees under the section 337, 338, 427 of IPC and sections 151 and 154 of Railway Act.

On November 20th, Indore-Patna Express derailed on the early hours of 3 am which killed over 115 people and injured more than 150. It was one of the worst tragedy in recent times. Although the exact reason for derailment is still under investigation, few preliminary reports suggested that the fracture in the track may be the main reason for the mishap.

But what is interesting here is, both the accidents happened in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Now take a look at the dates….the first accident of Indore Patna express occurred on 20th November 2016, on the same day when Modi was to address rally in Agra. The Sealdah-Ajmer express derailed on 28th December 2016, just 2 days before Modi announced that he will address the Nation on 31st December.

Now it is found that the track near the Kanpur-mandhana station was sabotaged which would have lead to another major train accident. Again, just a day before Modi’s mega rally in Lucknow on 2rd January 2017.

Now this has posed serious questions whether these train accidents were natural or planned act of political rivals to bring bad name to the ministry of Railways and Modi government. Interestingly, just hours after the Indore- Patna express derailed, Congress had immediately tried to score political goal saying that Modi should cancel his speech in Agra and visit the accident site. They had blamed the railway ministry for poor maintenance.

But these pictures clearly show that the track has been cut and the plates have been loosened purposely. God forbid, But how is that all accidents are happening only in the city of Kanpur?? Let’s assume that during winters, the metals shrink and may have caused split in the track, but how only in UP??

This is not the first time that train derailment and deliberate sabotage has been used for political purpose. Most of the investigations do not even conclude due to political pressure and culprits will always roam free posing threats to innocent citizens for their political mileage. These incidents should not be taken lightly and proper investigations must be conducted and miscreants must be punished, or innocents will keep dying while politicians use these opportunity for their benefit.

Aishwarya S


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