Train Jihad!!! If you think it’s a propaganda of Right Wing….then you need to read this article

In recent months we have seen many Railway accidents across India. These accidents have actually dented the public image of Central Government and especially the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu. As expected, people were so furious and were asking his resignation because of his inability to stop these consecutive railway accidents.

The most common factor about these Railway accidents was that all of them impacted only Passenger Trains. Most of them were occurred in North India. Few people coined a term Train Jihad and there have been many conspiracy theory doing rounds on Social Media, which describe that these accidents might be an outcome of some Radical organizations. Though these theories does make some sense but mostly such theories were out rightly rejected due to lack of evidences and substance.

However today we will present you something which may establish the existence of Train Jihad. Few days back dreaded Terrorist organization Al Qaeda published a magazine where an entire edition was dedicated to teach followers how to derail trains in Europe and the US for future terrorist attacks.

Shocked??? Yes, No or May be?

In a guide published in the 17th edition of Inspire, AQAP’s (Al Qaeda Arabian Peninsula) online-only English-language propaganda magazine, the terrorist group wrote:

“For more than a year this idea has been extensively been researched by a group that has dedicated most of its efforts and time to come-up with a profound yet simple method in designing this tool.

“So that the Lone Mujahid can carry along with him in his fight to bring great destruction upon the West’s security, military and economy — by the Help of Allah.

In Sunday’s 94-page issue, the terrorist group’s writers outline different methods to derail trains, train routes to target, among other advice. The electronic magazine also has a spread containing “words of wisdom” from various Mujahideen, including Osama bin Laden.

The magazine also features an extremely detailed 18-page-long guide on how to build a “derail tool” with cardboard, an empty plastic container, part of a rubber tyre, pipes, iron wires, screws, sheet metal, and cement. The apparatus does not require any electronic or construction tools so followers can “remove any traces for suspicion.”

When placed on train tracks, the tool is expected to interfere with the train’s movement and cause it to divert from its tracks.

As the perpetrator does not physically need to be on the train during the derailment, the operation “is not a martyrdom operation” and “can be repeated”.It is also very easy to hide your tracks from forensics” after the attack, it boasted.

In the magazine, the terrorist group singled out Britain, America, and France as countries that “have shown open hostilities towards Muslims,” and encourages followers to carry out attacks in those countries.

There are many Terrorist organizations which takes inspiration from Al Qaeda and follow their methods to hit their Enemies. Even most of the Terror Organizations operating from Pakistan have direct or indirect links with Al-Qaeda and they exchange each other’s ideas to ensure more damage to their targets.

Who knows these Accidents are an outcome of sleeper cells of these Terror groups? Though there were couple of accidents which were caused due to negligence of Railway Staff and Vendors, but there were few accidents where the cause were untraceable and there were many potential accidents which were prevented by few vigilant people.

Manish Sharma