Treat the Pakistani terrorists “Royally” but torture innocent Hindus; This is the policy of Congress Party

When a neighbor nation China started its every preparations to defeat India, the congress youth president visited the Chinese ambassador with an entire family. When there was no chance to limit Narendra Modi being a Prime Minister of India, Manishankar Iyer, a senior Congress leader visited Pakistan to seek a help from Paki politicians to defeat BJP. And, he begged them that, “if they give a shoulder to defeat BJP, then they could fulfil their greed of power over India.

There is no need to list several examples to show the ‘real face’ of congress and how, it has been looted entire India. There was no chance of winning the 2009 election for Congress. Since its victory of the 2004 election, it had been into several huge scams. At the certain, entire congress was hopeless for forthcoming election in 2009.

One year before the election, congress gave a birth to the new false ideology to cover up it’s truths of nudity. And, that ideology often called as “Saffron terror”. As a co-incidence, four terrorist attacks was happened in four places in India, are Malegauv blast, Sanjotha express blast, attack on mecca mosque and Ajmer Sheriff case. Total 127 people died in these four issues. 68 innocent people have died only in the Sanjotha express blast. During this period, self-declared international news media, NDTV, CNN and IBN started to broadcast the tragedies as “Violence of Hindu terrorists”. New born word “saffron terror” got a strong wing to fly over all these blasts. P. Chidambaram, a finance minister in that period gave a statement that,” In various blasts and killings of people, saffron terror is actively involving.” And, he was the one who contributed much to this “Saffron terror” word first. Sushil Kumar Shindhe, who was taking care of home ministry affairs, stated that, “RSS and BJP both teaching Saffron terrorism in their training camps all over India.”

Digwijay Singh, who had waited to poison the values of Hinduism took an advantage of this period and asked that, “Not every Hindu is not a terrorist, but why that one, getting captured is Sanghi?” and he crossed the limits of “honor”.

However, the UPA government was in need of new breath for the next election. It was in an urge to ruin the progressing BJP. With these, they were in a need of new ideology to get votes from other community standards, claiming that “Hinduism is also impure and it does not stand completely with non-violence. How Islam is being symbolized as Jihad and Hinduism too symbolized with Terrorism.” Without proving this, the UPA was afraid to lose large minority vote bank. In a regards, anti-terrorist service officials fixed Sadhwi Pragya Singh in Maalegauv blast and Lt. Karnal Prasad Purohit and then tortured them brutally in the name of investigation more than a Hitler’s brutal ways. Officials tortured cancer patient Pragya Singh, made her a half-dead. Lt. Kernel, who undergone to abdomen surgery made his way to airplane flying and the stitches were ripped again.

Eight years have gone for this issue. On April 2016, Sharad Kumar, Director of National Investigation Agency said, “ There’s no rule of Prasad Purohith in Sanjotha Express blast. We have no idea about why he is going to such brutal actions through allegation charges. According to the investigation of United Nations Org, it’s stating that whoever involved directly in these issues are SIMI terrorists. And, it’s proved in the America Spy Agency that Lashqr – E- Tayba terrorists were also given a hand for them. In all, the most important accuses were Pak terrorists, but not anyother Hindu leader or official. Then, why they just left true terrorists rather than hunting other Hindu?.”


As like to give more strength to Sharad Kumar’s statement, NIA official had taken Aseemananda as important accused seven years ago. In 2011, media published the copy of an interview with Aseemananda, which was told that they interviewed in 2010. And, said, “Aseemananda gave an interview. He said that the leaders of RSS knew about this and had all the details. The blasts were happeningto the permission of RSS leaders.”

But, after three years of publication, a truth has revealed that there was no such interview with Aseemanada at all. It was a cooked-up story. In 2010, or in any periods of three years, there were no journal reporters who met him. And, there was no chance of interview. Then how Aseemananda could say that those issues were planned by RSS? Then the truth has been revealed that there’s no such connection between Aseemananda and the blasts.

In 2009, two years after the blasts, the America Treachery Department published an investigation report. Do you know the highlights of that report?

There’s a man called Arif Khasmani, who is directing several terrorist activities in India, residing in Pakistan. The trio – Ameen-al-peshawani, Yahya Mujaheed and Naseer Jawed are working under him. Arif funding Al-Khaida and Lashqrorganizations for armors andfundamental sources. And, he is the solemn reason for all terrorism activities. He is the most important accuse for Mumbai Blast which took 200 lives, in 2006. The trio are not ordinary terrorists. Yahya was a speaker in Lashqr tayba once. He was working asa strong communication tool between Lashqr and the world. During the period of Indian Parliament Attack in 2001 and Mumbai blast in 2006, he was the one who published a media statement supporting terrorist org. Nasir was the Tayba org’s commander. Every year, he used to train hundreds of terrorists to sneak into India. He lived several yearsin India and he was well aware of the places. In 2009,  America already declared clearly that these evil trios were behind the Sanjotha Express. But, Indian government, Indian Spy agency, Indian media, Indian politicians were blind for this report. The report was too late to build sensations and two Hindus who got captured were utterly tortured.

Let’s come to the point. One English mediahave found a video document a few days ago. A secret video of NIA officials, examined forensic test on the Pakistani terrorist. The terrorist who undergone to the test was Safdar Nagori, who was a directorate of Indian SIMI Org. He tried to escape from the jail even-though he has been in high security jail. NIA officials secretly arrested him as he was a direct link to the blast. Might after the few days of the blast, he revealed about the Sanjotha Express blast that, “Terrorists, behind the blasts were those who had taken tons of money and armies from Pakistan. Abdul Razak was the main lead. I had a close relationship with him. He always used to blame me that I had taken money and not working properly for Jihad. He always used to say that he will join as a direct lead if I couldn’t. Me, andhe planned the Sanjotha Blast. I got hospitalized too in the blast. My legs were severely injured and couldn’t able to bend.”Tottally, he admitted that the entire responsibilityof that blast was himself, Abdul Razak and the org.

Safdar Nagory was close to Nasir, who was exporting terrorists to India from Pakistan. A few days before the blast, Nasir promised Safdar “a AK-47 gun.” The investigation, which might have been made during the ruling period of UPA of 2004-09, had no reasons to say that the details had hidden from the leaders. America who intends to get informed on terrorism activities in India did not share this report with Indian government? Both nations had the same problems of terrorism and how we could not justify that America did not share any information regarding Sanjotha blast? Spy-agency reports doesn’tgo to Home ministry? Every reportwas pointing towards SIMI, Al-Khaida, Lashqr and Tayba org. And, towards trio. Reports were saying that Arif had taken finance from Dawood. The Dawood motivated blast lists included Sanjotha too!!

Knowing every truth about these, the UPA government had sat to promote new born words like Saffron terror and Hindu terror. Because, Congress was in a need to protect the votes of minority citizens through supporting terrorists. Besides, it had decided to become an enemy of Hindus intending to defeat BJP. You might get surprised!! After reports proved that there was no hand of Hindu leaders, but a brutal act of terror org, P. Chidambaram stated that, “Hindu terrorism is ruling entire India”, in 2010. And, Digwijay Singh asked about Sangha Volunteers in 2013, September. And Shindhe stated in 2013, January. Congress left with a chance of these injustices to stop Modi waves that had already started in India.

Congress just took an advantage of this issue and captured many Hindu leaders, tortured and brutally investigated in order to prove the identity of Saffron Terror. Will be any possibility to become cheap and low level to any political parties in the future or now? Who will give justice to those leaders who got falsely captured and lost every precious moment of life? Who will return their dignity and peace of mind?

It’s a tragedy in Indian History that its own political party which had gone to the peak of greed and the power, showed its own country people as terrorists, pampered real terrorists.. One must think!

“What is the difference between those political parties and terrorist org?”

Source:Rohit Chakratheetha

Sushmitha Saptharshi