“Triple Talaq is given so husbands don’t have to kill their wives” : SP leader Riyaz Ahmad

There requires no proof to show how so-called secular parties of our country would stoop to any level to appease their vote banks. Those people from Bollywood, liberals, seculars who hold placards on women rights, women empowerment are nothing but a gimmick for media publicity, while in reality not one person would extend genuine help to those suffering women.

The SP leader Riyaz Ahmad has defended the Triple Talaq saying that “Husbands give Triple Talaq to wife, so that they don’t have to kill them”.  The man said “if a woman has illicit relations with another man, the husband has only two options, either to kill her or give her triple talaq”. reported Zee News. The shocking statement has showed the sick mindset of these so-called religious heads and leaders who treat women as a sex object. While few ladies of the Muslim community are fighting against the cruel practice of Triple Talaq, the pseudo secular parties like Congress, SP are trying their best to sabotage the ban on Triple Talaq.

Triple Talaq is not just a problem of getting divorce from a husband, but the lady will not be allowed to get back to the husband without having performed Nikah Halala. Nikah Halala is another inhumane practice where the divorced women should marry another man, consummate the marriage and then get divorce from the new husband to get back to her first marriage. Nikah Halala is said to be a business in the Muslim community where the religious heads who perform the marriage mostly misuse their position and get married to the lady who seeks Nikah Halala. Most of the times, the Maulana marries the women and consummate the marriage after which he gives divorce so that the lady can go back to her husband. These dealing are done with a fixed price for each Nikah Halala.

‘A women sleeps with a stranger to save her marriage’ : the other face of Triple Talaq that common people do not know!

So, one can imagine the amount of mental and physical torture a woman has to undergo if she is divorced. The sad part is those people who call themselves liberals and seculars never fight for such causes on the ground, but they are happy to hold candles and placards for media bytes. They think holding placards will change the life of these innocent women. They do not speak a word of condemnation or demand the arrest of people like Riyaz Ahmad who defend Triple Talaq.

This is the real face of liberalism in India. Rahul Gandhi who speaks about women reservation bill and mocks PM Modi as communal and anti-women should first realise that it is Modi government which is fighting against the cruel practice of Triple Talaq and requesting the pseudo-secular parties to help them pass the bill banning Triple Talaq in Parliament.

It is important a suo moto action is initiated by the court against such politicians who encourage Triple Talaq and killing of wife. Being a representative of people he should have more responsibility while speaking and not cause further danger to women’s life.

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