Triple Talaq saves women from getting murdered by their husbands : Muslim Law board to SC

The All India Muslim Personal Board has submitted a bizarre argument to retain the triple talaq practice amongst the Muslim community. The Board has said that if the practice is discontinued, Muslim men may murder or burn their wife alive to get rid of her.

The members of AIMPLB in an affidavit have also said if the couples develop serious discord and the husband refuses to live with wife, legal procedures of divorce would be time consuming and involve expenses which may force the husband to murder the wife or burn her alive to get rid of her.

The affidavit stated that, “Husband should be granted the right to divorce, which would provide security to wife. Marriage is not equal to MEN and WOMEN as Women are not physically strong and equal to men. Man is not dependent on women for safety, but women are dependent on men for her safety”.  The board demanded that Supreme Court should stay away from Muslim issues, the triple talaq, polygamy and marriage principles are cultural rights of Muslims. “Personal laws of Muslims cannot be rewritten in the name of social reform”.

The Muslim board has proudly defended that “Polygamy was a “social need” and a “blessing” for women because an unlawful mistress is more harmful for social fabric than a lawful second wife”. In a most ridiculous argument the board has said the death rate of men is higher than women and so discontinuing polygamy will lead women leading a spinster”™s life, “Polygamy ensures sexual purity and chastity and whenever polygamy has been banned, it emerges from history that illicit sex has raised its head”.  “In all above instances, polygamy is a blessing, not a curse for women”¦ polygamy is the solution to the problem of divorced women and widows. Women should appreciate this point that if the ratio of women is higher, would they prefer wedlock for fellow women, or let them be illicit mistresses of men, without any of the rights which a wife gets,” said the AIMPLB quoting that Muslims have the lowest rate of polygamy.

The kind of argument given by the Muslim board sounds rather illogical, giving polygamy as the solution to prevent women leading spinster life and a solution to prevent illegal sex. Considering women inferior in marriage itself shows the narrow mindset of AIMPLB.

India doesn”™t follow religious rules in constitution. The civil code should be one and equal to all those who consider themselves Indians. Uniform Civil Code has been a matter of debate since decades and it”™s high time it”™s implemented.

Aishwarya S


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