Trouble awaits for the Congress President!! Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan accused Rahul Gandhi of peddling “fake news”

Only a desperate PM contender can do this because its the only way to pack court cases and scam dilemmas back in the cold storage. And each one of us are aware of him. He still relies on sycophants that are ill-informed, which itself explains why most of his arguments disappear thin in the air.

Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of peddling “fake news”!! The Congress President accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of fooling the people of Odisha over Rourkela Super Specialty Hospital.

Rahul Gandhi’s Fake News Factory manufactures a new lie.

Rs 200 crore has been allotted for the Hospital & DPR has been submitted, but when has Rahul ever bothered about facts!

After all kinds of scams, interesting to see a new scam in the form of fund-raising.

First of all Rahul Gandhi needs to be thanked that he took interest in PM Narendra Modi’s promise but he is silent on UPA’s promise to establish a branch of Indira Gandhi National Tribal University in Kalahandi during 11th commission, which was promised 10 years ago and there seems to be no progress!! Well, I believe there are a number of such promises to be fulfilled by him and his mother. But yes I agree they have a weak memory!

Rahul Baba lacks work and his only work is to sincerely criticise PM Modi, RSS or even Amit Shah, keeping aside all those sins done by his family. His begging bowl confirms that “Demonetization” was a great hit. All thanks to PM Modi for the bold step that brought almost all opposition parties on their knees.

On 1st April, 2015 the PM played an April Fools’ day joke on the people of Orissa, as seen in this video. The Congress party has begun a fund raise to shame the PM into keeping the promise he made.

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi shared a video of the Prime Minister from April 1, 2015, where he promised to convert ISPAT General Hospital in Rourkela into a super-speciality hospital. The other half of the video showed a man by the name of Muktikanta Biswal having walked around 1300 Kilometres to meet the Prime Minister and remind him of his promise.

So is this kind of new trick on the process?? Why don’t criticisms affect Mr. Gandhi?? Shouldn’t a responsible leader check facts before he makes a claim?? The nation has ran out of words to describe the Congress President or more relevantly, a forced President!!

Source: Business Standard.com