Trouble continues for the propaganda website “The Wire” as its consulting editor Vinod Dua once again accused of sexually harassing a woman

The left leaning propaganda website “The Wire” that claims of exposing the Modi Government (with its fake stories) is now trapped with series of sexual harassment cases after the #MeToo moment broke out in India.

Days ago film maker Nishtha Jain had exposed how The Wire’s consulting editor Vinod Dua had harassed, humiliated and even stalked her years ago. After this accusation on Vinod Dua came out, we saw how Vinod Dua’s daughter Mallika Dua who claims herself a feminist had stood by her father instead of slamming him.

Now another sexual harassment accusation has been made against Vinod Dua by a journalist and a documentary filmmaker, Sunita Thakur. Revealing the ordeal she underwent, Sunita narrates the incident that took place in 1986. It was a time when she needed a job and was new to Delhi. At this moment, Vinod Dua had promised her a job but it turned out to be something else.

Sunita Thakur said “I remember driving that late afternoon, along Aurobindo Marg by INA market, his left arm around my shoulder, his right on the steering wheel, his singing romantic Hindi songs. I remember taking his arm off my shoulder and saying, “I think this belongs to you.” He wondered why I was being so coy, after all “English girls had a reputation.” I remember laughing and thinking how inane that was”.

Further exposing how cheaply she was treated, Sunita Thakur said “Our conversation rambled on. He said our relationship would be open. “Relationship?” I asked. “Our professional relationship,” he said “would be open in every way, not exclude anything”. She added “Finally, as he dropped me off at home, I got out, told him to fuck off and take his job with him. Later I would wish I had been more combative, understood more quickly where it was leading, less hopeful at the start”.

Not just Vinod Dua, but the co-founder of the propaganda website The Wire’s Sidharth Bhatia was also accused of sexually harassing women at work place. Hope a strict inquiry would be conducted and the guilty be punished.


Source: ‘Male and on the lookout’: A journalist remembers Vinod Dua and entitled Indian men in the 1980s

Hansika Raj


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