Trouble for AIMIM’s Akbaruddin Owaisi as BJP fields a popular social worker Shahzadi Syed in Hyderabad

Time and again the saffron party has proved that religion is not a barrier for it. Even though PM Modi was portrayed as a man who hated Muslim community, it was he who ensured justice to the Muslim women by striking down triple talaq through an ordinance and even fighting to eliminate Nikah Halala.

Yet, leaders like the Owaisi brothers are trying to create rift within the communities for the election sake. Due to religion card, AIMIM’s Akbaruddin Owaisi had won for four terms in the Chandrayangutta Assembly constituency in Hyderabad. But now BJP seems like breaking this winning streak of this passionate hatred machine by fielding a popular social worker Shahzadi Syed, who is also from the Muslim community.

Speaking on the changed pattern in the Muslim voters, the 26-year-old Shahzadi Syed said “Muslims in the Old City are looking for a change”. She went on to say that Muslims have moved beyond religion and will vote for jobs and development and added “AIMIM has failed to provide any of these in last few decades. I stand a good chance of winning”.

Even though she is in her mid twenties, she is very popular in the area. She said “I have been active in student politics after the movement for a separate state started in 2009. I have been part of ABVP. I think it is the most progressive and democratic student organisation and their idea of nationalism appealed to me. I have held several posts in the ABVP”.

Talking on the misconception the Muslims had about BJP, she said “Muslims used to mistake BJP as a staunch Hindu party. I feel that it is a secular and democratic party. Muslims have also started realising that… When I joined BJP, several Muslims congratulated me. This is the party that nominated a Muslim, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, to be the President of India. Prominent leaders like Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Sikandar Bhakt are with the BJP. I feel in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, at least 4 per cent Muslims voted for BJP”.

The new age BJP in India under PM Modi had never distanced itself from its ideologies but has succeeded in eliminating the wrong information that were spread about it.

Hansika Raj