Trouble for Congress Chief! Grandson of Veer Savarkar files complaint against Rahul Gandhi for making defamatory remarks against India’s greatest freedom fighter

While Jawaharlal Nehru was gardening, writing books and was getting home made food in jail during the Independence struggle, staunch freedom fighter Veer Savarkar was suffering in Andaman’s Cellular Jail. Even after Veer Savarkar served almost 27 years in jail, his spirit to fight against the British never faded away.

But the Congress party, with malicious intentions, kept on spreading lies that Veer Savarkar had pleaded mercy with the British. This was an attempt to destroy the legacy of one of the greatest freedom fighters, just like how Sardar Patel was sidelined by the Gandhi dynasty.

Now, continuing the Gandhi family’s legacy of distorting the history, Rahul Gandhi made a cheap and insulting statement against Veer Savarkar. Angered by this, the family of Veer Savarkar has filed a defamation case against the Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

On 10th November while addressing a rally in Jagdalpur of Chhattisgarh, Rahul Gandhi blabbered “Do not teach us patriotism, there is a list of martyrs in congress party. When our leaders were fighting with British when our leaders were serving the jail term for 15-20 years, at that time your Savarkarji bow down before the Britishers and with folded hands, he had been apologising to the Britishers. You should not teach patriotism to the Congress party. You should tell the country about Rafale, about Dassualt”.

We had busted this lie of Congress party a year ago itself in the below article:

Veer Savarkar! Is there a Truth in the Claim of Congress that Savarkar Pledged Loyalty With British?

So, the man who runs to undisclosed foreign locations just to have fun, the man who don’t even respect Indian culture, the man who don’t even have an iota of knowledge of India’s freedom struggle undermined the contribution of Veer Savarkar, the greatest freedom fighter to whom the British feared.

Angered by this, the grandson of Veer Savarkar filed a case against this habitual liar of the Gandhi dynasty. Ranjeet Savarkar stated in the police complaint said “Rahul Gandhi had said that Vir Savarkar had apologized to the Britishers with folded hand. By making such a false statement Rahul has defamed my grandfather. Savarkar was a great freedom fighter and nationalist”.

The Congress is president in not just maligning the freedom struggle but is also muddying India’s political environment. This is indeed a dangerous trend and the people of India should put an break to the foul mouth of Rahul Gandhi.


Hansika Raj