Trouble for Rahul Gandhi! Petition filed to EC for cancellation of Rahul Gandhi’s nomination till the matter of his ‘British citizenship’ is decided upon

The trouble doesn’t seem to end for Congress President Rahul Gandhi. His own identity is haunting himself. After Ministry of Home Affairs sent a notice to him seeking explanation on the matter of his citizenship now petition has been filed to Election Commission for cancelling his nomination from Amethi till the whole matter regarding his citizenship get cleared by the Ministry

The petition has been filed by Rajneesh Kumar Singh. It says that matter of Rahul Gandhi’s British citizenship is pending before the central government since the year 2015 and that the applicant, Rajneesh Kumar Singh had written to the Election Commission on 15th April 2019 requesting the cancellation of Rahul Gandhi’s Amethi nomination on the same grounds and that the applicant had also filed a writ petition before the High Court bench of Lucknow.

The High Court, says the petition, had directed Rajneesh to file an application on the same before the central government, that is the competent authority and the Court had directed the government to act expeditiously in the matter.

The petition goes on to say that the matter of Indian citizenship of Rahul Gandhi and his membership of Parliament has been challenged before the High Court on the ground that Rahul Gandhi has acquired British Nationality as such, he has lost his Indian citizenship under provision of Article 9 of the Constitution of India, read with Citizenship Act 1955. It also says that owing to this, Rahul Gandhi has also lost the right to contest the Parliamentary elections under the provision of Article 84 clause 2 sub-clause 9(k)

The petition then says that till the matter of citizenship and eligibility to contest parliamentary elections is subjudiced before the central government, the nomination of Rahul Gandhi as a candidate from Amethi should be cancelled in the interest of justice.

Another petition against Rahul Gandhi has been filed by Delhi residents Jai Bhagwan Goyal and Chander Prakash Tyagi, who said they were “social and public spirited persons” who protected democratic institutions.

The petition, which has arraigned the Central government, the ECI and Mr. Gandhi in person, said the court should “command” the government to decide the question of voluntary acquisition of British citizenship by Mr. Gandhi and consequently determine his Indian citizenship. It wanted the court to decide whether a person who has voluntarily acquired British citizenship should be allowed to contest from Amethi and Wayanad, and then “fill a seat” in Parliament.

It seems the time ahead is not good for Congress President. He has to face the consequences of keeping the nation  in dark

Source :OpIndia