Trouble intensifies for Congress as Christian Michel of Augusta Westland scam to be extradited to India

It is surely not good news for the Congress party but good news for the nation. In a big setback to Congress party the Dubai Cassation Court has yesterday ordered the extradition of British national and alleged middleman Christian Michel, who is wanted by Indian investigative agencies in the Rs 36 billion Agusta Westland VVIP choppers deal case dismissing appeals filed by his defence lawyers.

Michel is currently behind bars in Dubai since he was arrested and sent into custody pending the legal and judicial procedure in the UAE. Judge Abdelaziz Al Zarouni, who headed a bench, pronounced the decision in the presence of member judges Musabeh Thaaloub, Mostafa Al Shinawi, Mahmoud Sultan and another judge.

The lawyer of Micheal Abdul Moneim tried his best to save his client. He submitted documents showing that courts in Switzerland and Italy had ruled not to extradite his client. “The judicial authorities there concluded there was no criminal element in the case,” the lawyer argued.

Earlier, he argued at court that the extradition request procedure of Michel would be a “violation” of the international treaty signed between the UAE and India. He also raised questions on the procedure being followed by India.

He argued that the Indian authorities did not follow “the proper procedures” when requesting the extradition, “The request should have been filed by India’s Ministry of Home Affairs rather than its Ministry of External Affairs,” Abdul Moneim was quoted as saying.He contended that the procedure was “flawed” since it did not comply with the clauses of the treaty signed on the issue.

He also termed the whole proceeding as a political conspiracy against his client and urged the judiciary to reject the extradition request as the incident concerning it happened in 2009 and should be rejected due to time lapse.
Although the lawyer from Micheal side tried his best to reverse the orders of lower court to save his client but the top court dismissed all his claims.

On September 2, The Dubai Court of Appeals has passed orders according to which Micheal could be extradited to India in response to a request filed by the Indian authorities to the UAE in connection with corruption-related charges.

Micheal denied all the charges and was then granted bail while his passport was was deposited at the execution division of the public prosecution. Following which Micheal is missing and became ‘wanted’ on September 2

But now, after the current orders of Dubai Cassation Court the time is not far when he will be extradited to India and the Congress party has to pay for looting the nation.

Source :Khaleej Times

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