Trouble mounts for Rahul Gandhi’s party as the Modi govt orders CBI to probe Cambridge Analytica in data mining case!

In yet another trouble maker for the much spoken about “Cambridge Analytica”, the central government has ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to initiate a probe into the data mining and analysis firm!!

As per reports from the sources, CBI is appointed by the PM Modi Government to investigate whether personal data from Indian voters and Facebook users was compromised by the political consultancy firm.

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MEITy) has written to the CBI last evening demanding a probe against the company. Responding on the issue of “action on misuse of social media and fake news”, the government has said that it has “entrusted the issue to be investigated by the CBI for possible violation of Information Technology Act, 2000 and IPC”.

Cambridge Analytica data breach case will be investigated by CBI: Ravi Shankar Prasad, IT Minister in Rajya Sabha

The PM Modi Government revealed that Cambridge Analytica also did not respond to a subsequent notice by the government. “Therefore, it is suspected that Cambridge Analytica may have been involved in illegally obtaining data of Indians which could be misused”, as per reported in the Parliament.

The Central Government of India has kept a track record regarding this, and found that “a number of disturbing instances causing loss of innocent lives have taken place in various parts of the country. These are deeply painful and regrettable, as well as a matter of deep concern for the Government. The Government has taken prompt action”. The first incident was reports of breach of data at Facebook wherein it was reported that data of a number of their users had been compromised by Cambridge Analytica. Immediately .. notices were issued to the two companies and their response sought.

“Facebook responded that they will streamline their internal processes regarding handling of personal data. They stated that the case of Cambridge Analytica it was a case of breach of trust. They promised to take various other steps to ensure that such breaches do not recur. Cambridge Analytica on the other hand gave an initial response that data of Indians was not breached but this was not in conformity with what was reported by Facebook”, it added.

Sources: Economic Times